Create your own novel

Build your own novel

Now you have the opportunity to write your own template. This is a comprehensive guide to creating authentic comic art. Aim of the workshop is to introduce the students to the art of graphic novel and to give them the tools to create their own works of visualized fiction. We' ll automatically create an action, a title and a cover for your novel or film. Better yet, let the character respond with his own unique voice.

Creating covers

Once you've chosen self-publication (and there are many good reason for this: learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of self-publication), you need to do one of the most important things - after you've finished writing the volume, of course! - is to create a covert. Your bestseller's covers are the first thing a readers tastes of what's coming, and it's often what will persuade someone to pick your books over someone else's, so it's about as important as a first tastes you can get.

These are some great utilities you can use to create your covers: To get started easily but effectively to find out what your covers should look like, have a look at it. Even, if it's not your last covers, it's a nice way to see your idea become real - and will often trigger more idea or clarify what your covers really should look like.

Are you not sure if you want to buy a graphics artist, but not sure if you want to do it all by yourself? Check out our Bindery Pro, a beautifully designed dust jacket application that makes it simple to create high-quality dust jacket envelopes for printed and e-books. Make your own first experience with Binder+Co Binder at home.

When you know that designing isn't your strength, it's probably a good way to recruit someone with expertise to do it for you. With 30 years of publisher expertise and more than 1500 books, they definitely know what they're doing.

Of course, the last choice is to ask a design engineer to design your covers. Simply be clear about your budgets in advance and make sure you show many samples of what you do and don't like. There are 90 beautiful covers designs in different styles to help you get in... Let us know which ones are your favorites?

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