Create your own Hardcover Book

Make your own hardcover book

Stack all your pages and make sure they are all flush. Can I create a hardcover book? Making a book is easy. Sharing some pictures of your process and your latest book. Give our top tips a try and make your photo book look good:.

Hard cover book print

Verify your dissolution! We recommend a 2 mega pixel or higher definition (1600x1200). The bigger the picture, the clearer the prints will appear. 4 or 5 mega pixels produces a nice, full-page printout for all photobook formats. Use our "Understand Resolution" page to make your pictures look their best - just keep in mind that your pictures should have 300DPI.

Hard cover book print

Envelopes on our hardcover book are made of 98 pt cardboard, which can then be upholstered with either a print envelope, fabric or leatherette. In this process, the text pages are first stuck together at the back to form a "text block".

" The end sheets that keep the text pad on the inside of the lid housing are attached to the tying edges of the text pad. Envelope is made seperately and then stuck to the end sheets and text blocks to create a book that lasts for years. There is a 24 page limit and 900 page limit for the number of pages that can be linked by a default document load.

Hardcover book orders take 10 working day as default. When you have to observe a delivery period, please consider the delivery period in your calculation. Use your own PDF printer or your own computer printer drivers to turn your document into PDF.

Please pay attention to the "highest resolution" when you convert to PDF and make sure that your scripts are embed. Due to the tying procedure, we recommend that you allow at least one border of"¾" at the bottom, top and outer margins of each page of your book and at least one border of"½" at the top, bottom and outer margins of each page.

Your page contents will be brought into a "centered" location. When you have sensitive contents, as well as background or pictures reaching to the margins of your pages, you should add a trimming of'' at all four margins of your pages so that no sensitive contents are truncated during tying.

It is important to know that the first page of your PDF file is the first page of the book on the right when you set up your PDFs. It'?s a cover: As a rule, a glossy foil is applied to paper envelopes. This glossy foil not only offers a lot of shelter but also provides a nice shine.

When you don't want a glossy surface for your book, we can provide a matt foil for an extra $85 per book. When you need to print a book sleeve for your book, we have created an online envelope sized chart to help you dimension your book sleeve.

Click on the links below to view the dustwrapper chart. Protective covers are covered with a glossy foil. Place the cursor on any blank field on the page and click. This will recalculate the chart to show the proper size of your envelope or book-ready envelope for you. It is recommended that you printout the chart and use it as a guideline for designing your envelop.

When you send us your front envelope artwork, back and back envelope artwork in PDF format, please be aware that we will put it together for $35. This is your three data to create your covers or book jackets. When your embossing includes essential texts and numbers such as book titles, name of the writer and date, we can put together your envelope at no upcharge.

Usually the name and full name of the writer appear on the front envelope and the name, surname of the writer and the year on the back. Just download a monochrome PDF with your preferred embossed slide for the front page. In the field "Additional instructions" please write down exactly what you want to punch on your back and how you want to align it.

The embossing of a badge, icon or individual typeface can be done for an extra fee and depends on the postmark area. Further information on our film embossing method can be found here.

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