Create your own Childrens Book

Make your own children's book

This course teaches you how to create your own children's book cover. We welcome you to create your own interactive eBook for children! Would you like to add hours of fun to your children's book? Easy print-to-digital conversion gives your stories a whole new aspect of interactivity. You can add your photos and personal touches to our enchanting titles with our personalized log library.

Create your own book for children | A Monsters Game!

Please chose from 5 colours. Show a picture of your whole house or your child's work on the walls! Personalised with your kid as a heroe! Specify a paint to appear throughout the entire volume. Her kid will see this in a goddamn notebook! This is a story about a brave, friendly and resolute heroe - your kid!

So who fucked up a beast in your kid's room? As well as your child's name, picture and dedications, select from 5 different colours for your books and up to two additional pictures for your whole families. Create your own children's books today!

Large personalized children's literature

Personalised children's literature can make some of the best presents for them. Just think, a kid opens a notebook in which she is the star: a present all about her! Think of her smiling face by looking through a textbook with her name or photograph, and then keep in mind that this is a present without montage, confusion or small pieces that you can have later!

Ranging from the selection of user-defined functions to sibling and favourite activity name, today's user-defined children's book choices are a way to excite a family. This are some of my favourite personalised books: This cream de la cream of fitting, The First Adventures of Incredible You ('36.95 on is a popular present from me.

There are nice pictures, possibilities to adapt almost every page with the favourite persons of the baby and places of the baby's delivery through their many "first" experience. {\What road they learn down to rid a bicycle, what crew they are going for at their first sporting event, a favourite nutrition boiled by a relative, etc.)This workbook is a funny souvenir and appropriate as a neonatal present, though children of any ages are enjoying the one-of-a-kind personification.

Don't let yourself be overpowered by the wealth of user-defined information required to produce this book: you can give away a voucher and allow the recipient's parent to enter and order the user-defined data themselves. ABC & 123 is a beautiful photobook with a picture of the kid on each page of the album.

Crazy artwork and vocabulary-building aliteration will give your kid a big laugh long after the early frenzy of seeing her face has faded. There is a choice of creating a hardcover or a cheaper softcover at ($39.95), both of good qualitiy. When trimming your Me Books, Champion Me Books does another trick by making it available as a hardcover ($37.95 on, softcover ($26.95) or eBook ($9.95) that your kid can use on an iPad or eReader.

Gadgetland, an quest that stares at your kid as a physician to find a remedy for a shape-shifting maschine. Further Titel sind Great Escape of the Mighty Star, ScriptBle Monsters und StonePoly. You can customize a textbook to suit your child's interests with features like Little Super, Little Sparkle and Little Star ($29.96 on

It is a great present for large families or a friend, as you can select whether you want to order a basic habit (which requires the child's name and a few "super" skills) or a superbly customized one ( "customize " functions for a user-defined personality and input the child's favourite nutrition, toys and pet). The Paper Hat Press website has a personalized page and vouchers.

It is a beautiful present for pre-school children. Mys Very Own Tale Pirates ($32.95 on is a funny way for your kid to get to know how to write his first and last name. At the end there is a funny marine encyclopedia where your kid can find out more about the animals that were previously introduced in the game.

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