Create your own Childrens Book

Make your own children's book

Illustrated books (more art, less text), long form (chapters, less art) or poetry (one picture, selected words). Wonderfully illustrated by hand and individually tailored to each child. This is the right place if you want to make a book! Join your field guide to write and illustrate your OWN story! With IlluStory A+ you nurture your child's love for books and stories.

Publishing your own children's book

Have you ever thought of making your own children's book? These are the stages I have taken from conception to the final result (in the below you can see exactly how the final result looks in detail). 1 ) I took my history thought and typed it up and tried to keep under 1,000 words that could work on the perfect page number for a storybook:

Then, we added a storyboard to the book and drew small outlines of what we wanted to see on each page, so that there was room for the text. 5 ) After the storyboard and character were finished, Gabe cleaned up the book to 10 "X8", which was the cut length I wanted. 6 ) In the next few month Gabe would illustrate the book and we did small adaptations to the text where necessary.

9) Obviously, the best part was to read the book to my boy in the sack during our regular book time. In his opinion, this very professional-looking book, which he held in his hands, was the work of his own father. It' s not recommended enough, especially if you can incorporate some humour and sentences into the plot that only the whole familiy knows.... that makes it very specific for the children.

10 ) If you want a copy of my book, I will take 50% of all the cash I make from the sale and donate it to - a great organization that puts new book in the palm of children in need.

Personalised children's books | Personalised story books

An amazingly personal anniversary tale that changes in a magical way with your child's age. Children probably don't need another excuse to be so fond of anniversaries, but here's one anyway! So we started to make a personal book about the celebration of a newcomer in a group. We embarked on an unflinching quest in 2014 to get adults and children to spend more memorable times together.

It is impossible to personalize our tales to amaze children and make adults their hero.

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