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Make your own book

Create professional print and e-book editions of your book with ease. I' ve ordered my book for my friends and it's my anniversary. Create your book in minutes. Buy your book through your own account. Collect all your favorite articles in one publication.

Illustration Create your own book

There is a little author in our house who LOVES this work. She not only loves to write, but also learned how to put the whole thing together with images to show the words and parameter that could be on the page. They would think the number of words was a terrible thing, but it made their history more succinct and gave it some limits.

It is a nice present that a parents can get from their children. It is not necessarily the construction set itself, but the cost of bindings, dispatch, rewriting, accessories. Again, I'm happy we did it because she loved it, but I'm gonna have to find out how many she gets so I can do it!

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Creative for Kids Create your own book set

They are about 4 "x5" with 12 (or 24, I guess) pages each. The cover, the labels included in the set and the accountant case are all made of or coated with matt blank sheet and can be embellished with the marks. Some of the papers in the book are a little bit heavy than normal printing papers, but not entirely made of cardboard.

Up to now, not even the five-year-old has succeeded in bleeding the marker through the pen. In the past, our eight-year-old used another bookmaker's toolkit that included typing and drafting on specific pages, sending these pages, and awaiting and awaiting the return of the completed book.

It was a great success. We liked this construction set and its final result, but it was definitely not immediate satisfaction.

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