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You are a serious author?? eBooks are eBooks in digital form, which are usually viewed on a device such as an iPad or a child. In this case, they can eliminate the middleman or publishers and thus benefit more from their untiring efforts in this area.

Some of the great advantages for eBook authors: eBooks have long since exceeded the sale volumes of print titles. Which eBook file types are available? Amazon's own native file size is the MOBI/KF8 file size, which only works on Amazon products like the Kindle and is the only file size available on the Amazon Store.

Because of Amazon's predominance in eBook retailing, you should definitely install a MOBI copy of your eBook. ePUB2 is a standard ePUB2 data type that is used almost everywhere else. ePUB3 (also known as "Enhanced eBook") data types will be used soon. Supports videos and audioclips that are great for children's eBooks.

Therefore, older units can no longer be controlled. SPDF/e-PDF - This is often erroneously accepted as an eBook. It is not possible to adjust them to smaller or bigger screens and can therefore lead to a bad read quality on some units. They are eBooks that are created in such a way that they come as close as possible to the print-ready outfit.

Currently only Amazon and Apple equipment and shops support them. Of course, these are not available on older machines. We' ve years of knowledge in the field of electronic publishers, which is still in its early stages in Africa. Our partnership with global and domestic professionals provides a wide range of skills, resources and knowledge to meet your different needs.

We have already provided free information and expert advice to help thousands of people.

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