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*Create This Book is the ultimate outlet for creativity. Create this book *Complete Books* by Moriah Elizabeth. You can remove each page from the book when it's finished so you can frame it or even use it in your Christmas projects. But I didn't make this book myself. This is the book Joanne Schwartz wrote.

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I' ve been loving the making of this book. I' m so thrilled to work on this book myself, but also to see what others will do with it! Hopefully I will be inspiring others to create not just a book, but an enjoyable one!

When I gave up my quest, I came across my 2011 idea guide (I had never done the Kunstjournal the way I had planned, but still had the ideas). Thought maybe I could just make a hand-made magazine as a Youth Tube show and let my people in.

And I knew that part of the attraction of Wreck This Magazine was that everyone began with the same empty book and ended up with something totally new. I' d make some kind of hand-made diary, that part would be wasted! Beginning with the book's illustration and illustration work, I finished and released my book (8 month later) in June 2015.

I' ve already begun working on the prompt for the book in 2011. It was my dream to make a small magazine with a different approach on each page. It was something I wanted to use to research different ways of work. Though I began to compile a listing of suggestions for each of the pages in my magazine, I had only thought of releasing them years later.

I found a book named Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith in 2012. The Wreck This Journal is a book containing prompt that is intended to finally ruin the book. but not because I wanted to ruin the book. And I used my Wreck This Journal to draw, paint and scribble.

I' ve shot the prompt myself and finished my first one in 2013. After finishing the book, I finally made the decision to publish it on my HowToTube canal. Much to my astonishment, after a few month my Wreck This Journal movie had become one of my most loved ones. While I was thrilled by this immediate interest in my work of art, I wasn't sure where to go next.

Soon afterwards I chose to buy another copy of Wreck This Journal (a little obsessively I know) and launch a Youth Tube show in which I shot myself working on each of the pages. Though I have been loving Wreck This Journal, I don't want to stand too much on the whole devastating side of it. But I didn't want to ruin a book, I wanted to create one.

Although my show was received with great excitement, I received some backlashes because some folks thought that my artistic direction in finishing the book was against the book's intent. Although I didn't let the critics stop me, I wasn't sure where this show would take me and what I would do with my station once it was over.

When I had published the first few chapters, I chose to find a book similar to Wreck This Journal so that I could make another one. There was a certain kind of book in my head, and I couldn't find anything like it on the open air bookstore.

ANNOUNCER: WHAT IS THIS BOOK CREATED? This book can be described in many different ways. A book of activities, an arts magazine, a sketchpad, a prompting book, an online magazine, etc. This book contains one command line per page. All of these challenges are designed to motivate the user and encourage creative thinking.

With 242 pages, the book offers a wide range of input challenges that will move you to draw, write, cut, paste, stamp, imagine, record, sketch, experiment and more! MAKE THIS BOOK ON YOUUTUBE! At the moment I'm working on my "Create This Book"-series on video. I' m filming myself in this show and complete every page of my book.

I' m doing my best to give many suggestions on how to use the book.

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