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Phonebook creation

From the Create New Folder dialog box, enter the name of the folder, select the location, and then click OK. Allows you to create phone book application in C#. Many people find it impossible to remember a large number of telephone numbers. If the phone book is full, the keypad beeps and displays Memory Full. Then in TMS hoover over Phone Books select Manage Phone Book Sources.

Tutorial for the creation of an address book with Excel 2007 " Vazi Okhandiar

Symantec' Address Book provides a step-by-step guide to creating an address book for the maintenance of the following contacts: Stage 1: Launch the Microsoft Excel program by pressing the Launch icon at the bottom-right of the window. Choose All Programs, then Microsoft Office, and then click Microsoft Excel to launch the Excel program.

Stage 2: Click Item D 1 on Line 1 and enter your addressk book. Enter first name in the A2 box, last name in the2 box, city in the D2 box, state in the D2 box, postcode in the F2 box, phone in the G2 box, e-mail in the G2 box and comment in the I2 box.

Stage 4: To save your contacts information in the address book, use the same method to enter the contacts information from A3 to I11. To make the text in the address book heading bolder, click the A1 column, press and release the button, and click the space below the A1 to L2 area.

Click the Grease symbol in the Font group below the Home card in the ribbon (circled below) to make the marked text bright. To colour the headers of the rows, first select the headers (cells A1 to I2). When this line is checked, click the Fill Font symbol in the Font group under the Home page on the ribbon to see all the available colours for populating these cubes.

Choose a colour from the drop-down colour palette and see the changes to the colour of the selected rows. Stage 7: To modify the text colour of the headline, mark this line (cells A1 to I2) and click the Text colour symbol in the Text group under the Home page on the Ribbon.

Choose a drop-down colour from the drop-down colour palette. They should now have a darker, bluish colored backdrop with text for the headline (cells A1 to I2). To centre the text in the heading line, highlight this line and click the Centre symbol in the Alignment group below the Home page on the ribbon.

Aligns the text in each of your chosen boxes to the middle. To centre the text in the City, State, Zip and Phone column, select D3 to G11, click the Centre symbol in the Alignment group below the Home page on the ribbon to centre the text you select.

Stage 10. In order to insert a frame to the rows, highlight row A 2 and keep the button pressed while dragging and dropping the cursor on row A11. Notice that all fields between A 2 and I 11 are marked. In the Font group below the Home page on the Ribbon, click the Frame button to choose a way to set the frame for the text you click.

Choose All Frames from the drop-down list to display all frames around the cell (s) you' ve chosen in the calculation table. To get a pre-view of the calculation table before you start typing, click the Pre-view symbol on the Quick Start toolbar. Stage 12: To start the Excel table, click the Office button and choose the Printout button.

Stage 13: Choose the right printers and click the OK Buttons. Saving the Excel spreadsheet: Click the Office icon and choose the File Add As radio buttons. Enter the name of the worksheet (address book) in the File name field and click the Store pushbutton.

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