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Outline creation

Outlining text in Illustrator CC. Go to the selection tool and select Type?Create Outlines. To be creative or simply move certain letters, use the group selection tool or select Object?Ungroup to separate the letters as shown.

Select > Select All to convert text to outlines. From the Type > Create Contours menu, select.

Outline text in Illustrator CC

You can convert text into contours or graphics with the help of the illustration software Below. You always modify the text in an item so that you can no longer process this text by entering it. When you convert text to contours, it looks as if your text was generated with the Pen utility. You' d like to use this utility when you create a logo that is often used by other persons or works of art over which you may have no influence.

Proceed as follows to convert text into an outline: Enter a text on your page. In this example, simply enter a keyword (e.g. your name) and make sure that the text is at least 36 dots in number. They want it big enough to see the effect of the outlines.

Go to the selection utility and select Type?Create Underlines. Now the text is summarized in a structure. When you are creatively or just want to move certain characters, use the group selection utility or select Object?Ungroup to split the characters as shown. characters into contours. If you change types to contours, the types lose their clues, that is, the statements included in the font to customize their formatting so that your system best display or print them according to their sizes.

If you do not provide any information, characters such as lower case characters such as the a or b are filled in, as the character form is scaled down. Ensure that the text has the rough text that it can be used in before you create contours. Since the text will lose the clues, try not to create contours on text that is less than 10 dots.

Convert text to contours with Adobe Illustrator

If you use Adobe Illustrator, you need to transform text into contours for print-ready vectors. For this reason, you will find that most of the font types in text containing text have been transformed into contours or path. Conversion of text to contours is very simple in Illustrator.

The" PRO" text in the figure below (left) has a line in the background. A small little green rectangle at the end of the line indicates that the text is to the south. It is recommended that you keep an edited copy of your documents as an AI before converting text to contours and saving the files as Illustrator EPS files.

If you want to change text to contours, choose Pick > Choose All. Choose Typ > Create Contours from the drop-down list. This text is contoured and cannot be processed as text (see figure below right). Text signs now have definable path or outline - they are no longer text but vectors and can be edit.

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