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Welcome to CreateMyStory! Create My Story Pocket Journal. You can add contributors to your story by clicking'Share'. Join Jeff Bloomfield for a detailed discussion in this video, Create connection: The" My Why" story, part of The Science of Sales.

Set yourself a clear target

You' re making your story and it's going well. You keep writein and writein'..... You have to end your story at some point. This way you can write without any problems. History should not be'milked out'. Those are the storylines, protagonists, places, storylines.... and that should be done in six heats!

You have a feeling this story isn't over yet? In the meantime, start your first volume and keep working on the second while receiving the first. Your action could take a surprise turn. This way you can choose to resume the work. So there are several ways to make your story full.

Which one seems to work best for your story?

StoryKit in the App Store

Make an online picture book. Use the small spaces in your everyday lives - on the couch after a meal, in the back of your vehicle or on the trains - to do something ingenious. In order to create your story: Type some text. Draw on the monitor, take a picture of something you see, or draw on a piece of cardboard and then take a picture of the piece of art or attach photographs from your photojournal.

Tones can be captured to tell your story or as soundeffects. Customize the story items (text fields, pictures, and audio clips) by drag and drop or sizing them. Adds, rearranges, or deletes pages from your books. The story is always stored on your iPhone.

Download your story to the StoryKit web site and send an e-mail with a short description of the story from the pop. Tales are personal. It contains four publicly accessible children's textbooks that you can re-write and transform into your own new story. This is a scan of the originally hardcover book, which has been especially prepared for use on the iPhone.

Or begin with an empty volume and make up the story that goes through your mind. Please feel free to contact us at To enhance StoryKit, the program submits us user information anonymously. Your user information does not contain any personally identifiable information or contents from your story. But when you post a story on our website, we can look at it to see how StoryKit is being used and to see what types of functionality should be added in the near term.

Your submissions will not be shared with third parties outside our research group without your explicit consent. Developed by scientists at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland, StoryKit explores how child computing is a way to work with their families in creativity and education.

Contrary to writing on the iPhone, the concept is that by writing a story on the iPhone, you can find free space to work on these things anywhere, whenever you want. Troubleshooting - primarily, occasionally crashed bugs that would stop you from opening the application and loading your own story-ticket. Whoever' doing this Story Kit application, please listen to me.

However, I got a new iPad that is much larger and has higher quality so that my story can become new and better. There is only one big issue that prevents me from making my story in a pleasant way. When I would select the use of my photographs the photographs are not displayed.

It disappointed me and I thought: "Is there a way to make my story without staring at my non-existent choices? To get a five stars review, please fix this problem and try to find a way to show someone's pictures. Overall, it was the best application to create your own story.

And I know you can make a much more smooth story. It' great for writing and rereading your work. As you begin, you have the option of 4 different classical textbooks to give you an impression of how the application works and what you can do with it, you can select whether you want to view, modify or distribute it, so if you don't like a part of the textbook, you can work on it!

Would you like to create your own album? First, you choose a name, then you can create your own picture for the page and then you do it! It is a great way to make your own movies, I really like it and it's a great way to pass the fucking laughs. It' so thrilling to make your own textbooks.

I' ve recently had my sixth graders use the StoryKit for a student study and they have some feedbacks for you! You want to know how simple it is to use and how it can help you organise thoughts or brainstorm. You' ll enjoy being able to paint as one of your illustrations as well as the ability to include photographs or other pictures.

You wish there was a clear rubber in the draw options, that you could include videos, and that it would be simpler to change the text size. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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