Create my own Story

Make my own story

A wiki containing stories in which the reader takes on the role of the main character. It was in real, brutal, bloody medieval history that George R.R. Martin found his inspiration. And if you don't love your story, it's likely that the next chapter will repeat more of it.

Create your own story book: All of us have the choice of ending ourselves.

Writing your own story: 6 ways to get into it

This much of what we experience in our lifetime is out of our hands. and where we were borne. Neither our family nor the state in which we grew up were chosen. Hidden sources of love, character and achievement: "We can select the story we tell about our being.

We were borne in countries, civilizations and tongues that we did not vote for. We' re made with certain cerebral chemical and genetics we can't handle. But, of all the things we don't check, we have some kind of controlling over our histories. There is a deliberate proverb in the choice of narration that we will use to organise perceptions."

There are so many things in your world that are out of your hands, but the story that you create about yourself and your goals is something that you are in your hands. The world can overpower us and make us think that so much is out of our hands. It is up to us to work with what we have - to create our own histories and to interpret our histories the way we want.

You have to understand how to deal with changes. Things are full of the unforeseen. Humans are changing. When you want to have complete command of the history of your lifetime, you need to adjust to it. It is unavoidable and you have to know how to be agile. Only then can you really shape your own story without having the impression that you are helpless to be changed.

Quit concentrating on other folks. It is difficult not to concentrate on other human beings - after all, we are socially active creatures - but what I mean by this is that we no longer allow other people's opinions of the outside worlds to influence our own. Quit trying to create a lifetime that focuses on what other human beings do and say.

You want a story that belongs to you, you have to know how to get on your own two feet. Do you? In many cases we are caught up in the situation, culture or society in which we were created. Select your objective to see the universe. There are not many things you can select in your own lives, but you can always select the way you look at the otherworld.

It is up to you to select a contact lenses through which you can view your world. There' are so many ways to look at your own lives - and it's all up to you to pick the right one. If you are confronted with decisions in your own lives, it can be enticing to ask others for help and counsel.

In order to create your own story, you must take charge of the story. Rate the human beings in your lifetime. The most important aspect of any story is its character. Who are the protagonists in your character world? You have to choose the character of your character if you want to create your own story.

Embrace those who will raise you and give you inspiration. Locate the folks who will help you make the story you want to look back and study. There' s so many things out of our hands in this world. and I have no control!"

You can see, like me, that there are some things we can check. I think we can check our views. I think we can monitor our choices. You know, we can keep an eye on who we are with. All we do is check what we concentrate on. Yes, there are many things coming our way, things we are about to be birthed into, things that affect the histories of our life, but we have a few things to say about how our tales evolve.

It' up to you to take the stick and write your own story.

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