Create my own Book

Make your own book

Create your own book or photo book! This is the easiest way to make your own book. Make children's book, biography, yearbook, poems, recipes & more. Create professional print and e-book editions of your book with ease. If you have problems creating your own book cover despite the following explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where can I create my own book covers?

That'?s how important book art is! A fictional is a way of escaping to another fictional realm that the writer has made. A good book jacket helps....... There was something different and more intensive I wanted to do with my book jacket....... Scratch my skull and bite my fingernails for days.......I found out what I wanted to be on the bookback.

It' not just about him, it' s about his whole realm. It was my first drawing that put my ideas before the eye of my designer....... Well................I have not...! More like the front page of a travelling mag rather than a historic whodunit....... All of a sudden my ideas to put the history on the front page didn't seem so great anymore.

That, blokes is the distinction between an admirer and a first suggestion, which turns out so wrong, made me felt nervous.......while it encouraged my specialist to try something else..... All of a sudden, my belief in my underlying concept was tapered. All I had to do was alter the way it was.

Modify the perspectives of the narrative worlds. When she did what a designer did and waved a magical stick over the front page she gave it back to me..... This book is available NOW in all large shops.

Create your own coversign

If I want to create my own book jacket, what do I need to know? You can use Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and other programs to create your own bookcase. If you have any problem with the creation of your own book covers despite the following explanation, please do not hesistate to do so.

you can use our new on-line covers designed. Choose "Printed Envelope" as envelope type optional. Choose from the various printing choices "Online COVERS DRAFT" and then click on "Design online". Then you can either work on our artwork or create your own artwork.

Also the upload of pictures for the covers is no issue. Our web-based designprogram has the benefit that the correct page sizes (e.g. for the spine) are determined depending on the number of pages and the chosen type of sheet. A PDF document, which can be doubly verified in the shopping basket, is created by the sizing program automatic.

If you do not need a book back, you can also create a separate A4 page as an envelope. We recommend an edge of 2 mm if you want the book to have an edge that extends to the edge of the book. This picture shows the outside of the sleeve.

The front page is usually the front page. The U4 is the back. On the right picture you can see the inside of the sleeve. The inside of the front panel (U1) is designated with the letterĀ US2. The inside of the rear panel (U4) is inside the unit. Below picture on the lefthand side shows the outside of the sleeve. At the centre of the picture you see the book back, on the right (U1) the front page and on the back of the book on the right (U4).

At the bottom right picture shows the inside of the sleeve. Later on the back of the book will no longer be seen from the inside, as the contents of the book are cemented in. The inside of the front panel (U1) and correspondingly the inside of the rear panel (U4) are the same.

This is also valid for envelopes with spines, if the envelope is to carry an artwork that matches the edge of the book, we recommend an edge of 2 mm. It is important to have a trimming edge if you want to print pictures without a border on the envelope paperwork.

To do this, the pictures must be bigger than the end file to avoid overlapping. In order to make this possible, an edge of 2 mm must be attached to each side. Finish is the real file length of the original after printing and cropping. "Overlapping" means overlapping, usually blank, unprinted edges of a page.

It appears if no trim border has been added.

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