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Have you written a book? Now, in that case, Create My Books is definitely something for you. What do you do with existing content to create added value for your readers? Do you even use this content to create useful products to complement your book? Making your child the star of this personalized children's book, with more personalization options than any other book available.

Publication of my novel

Self-editing relates to the author's and not the publisher's release of a work. There have always been separate papers, and in recent years they have grown rapidly due to enhanced print-on-demand technologies and the development of the web. Non-professional authors keep full mastery of their work and the way they want to put it on the open street.

Lesser-known authors have great difficulties in getting a deal with large publishing houses. Publishing houses that normally refrain from investing in authors who have not yet been successful. Publishing houses want safety. It' s this insufficiency of engagement that often disappoints the unfamiliar author, whose talents remain concealed or are ignored.

Editors are more likely to go to Shop My Boooks to see which titles are loved than to take the chance to contract with unfamiliar people. and we give playwrights the chance to put themselves in the limelight. That makes it easier for editors to guess the riddles they face every day. If you publish your own work, you can show how good it really is.

He wants a higher profit margin than conventional publishing houses allow. Interest in certain subjects is only divided by a small readership which is not of interest to publishing houses. Its contents deal with a contentious issue that frightens publishing houses from printing and distributing it. Rather than invest in a large order of a thousand or more books, a beginner will appreciate it.

It is certainly an interesting approach for market niches that have a restricted or even an accurate number of users for their work.

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You can now buy one-of-a-kind works by soon-to-be renowned writers. Select your booking type and begin your purchase..... Looking for a specific textbook or a specific writer? Do you know that we can also help you with the production of your work? Have you written a work? Would you like to have it published?

Now, in that case, Creating My Boooks is definitely something for you. We' ll help you with the creation, printing and publication of your work. Gather your best souvenirs in a true storybook and share them for yourself, your loved ones and the world. Select My eBooks.

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