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What's the point of a children's book course? On the one hand, the sale of children's books is booming. Find out how to create an interactive children's book for the iPad! Spanish WSHS students create children's book. Small Black Book, Grey Creative Sam Haynes and Sam Dunn create the children's book'Das Badigicorn'.

As my son with Down syndrome inspire me to create a children's book

Anxiety can keep us from accepting new circumstances. When I heard at first sight that our boy was born with Down's disease. I' m afraid. This was the anxiety of the uncharted road we took. This was the anxiety of the young man and the grown-up that he would one of these days become.

This was the anxiety of a tomorrow that I did not grasp and the anxiety that was deeply rooted in ancient prejudices. As I turned to the web, I found more anxiety. This anxiety could freeze me and make my whole existence as colourless as the foggy grey mist that seemed to embrace me, or I could make it better.

So I decided to alter my own perceptions and help any mother who would come after me and drop into the same loop of anxiety that I had stumbled into. And I found out that if I accepted our new lives and helped others, I wasn't afraid anymore. During the first year of my son's existence, I struggled against anxiety and learnt to regain my happiness.

Anxiety has now disappeared and has been substituted by hopes and real anxiety for the futurolog. I have been made the greatest intercessor for him and all people with Down's disease by my boy. We' ve provided welcome basket presents across the country, divided diagnostic histories from around the globe on our site and we have launched a brand new children's image book to show the word there is nothing to be afraid of because kids with Down syndrome are wonderful spirits that one should happily reckon to meet.

Downsyndrome is not the monstrosity of a diagnostic I thought it was, and my boy proves it to me every single working days. And I want the whole wide globe to know this so that moms who are diagnosed either at childbirth or at prenatal can see that anxiety does not gain. My vision is to bring out so many positives that my anxiety recedes into the background and hardly creeps in as an aftercomer.

Scared to death, you haven't won, we're taking you. I had a series of textbooks I could read for years. It was small storybooks of kids and their domestic dogs that experienced experiences. Because I pretended to have the experience, and what kid doesn't want the concept of a farming game?

Quickly forward into the present and I am now the mother of six kids. I' ve been sharing these sweet tales from my early years. But when I extracted them for my youngest boy, my Down-Syndrom kid, I began to wonder if I would be able to find a book from a kid who would look like him and do funny things he would like to do.

There was very little I found and ruled that it was the right moment that the whole wide range of Down Syndrom kids enjoyed the same things that all have. Farmyard work is now a part of my everyday lives, as is Down's disease. I' d never seen a book showing a large number of kids with Down's disease, so we did one.

I had a nice sunshine in June when I took 10 kids to the yard for a photoshooting. The book was funny and alive and the results were a nice book that everyone can really like. There' s no such thing as Down's disease, but for those not familiar with the genetics, we will see the sheer pleasure of being a child.

For those affected by Down's disease, they can be empowered by seeing so many young kids together in one place to enjoy their adventure. It would have been wonderful if I had seen something like that when we first got our son's diagnosed, I don't know if I had ever seen more than one Down's before he was even conceived, let alone 10 in a children's book.

It is my hopes that this book will open the doors to conversation, that it will be used in the classroom when the subject of variety comes up, that new generations will receive a copy to see the skills and adventures that await them, regardless of a Down's disease diagnostic. The book will be available at Amazon from March 21, 2018, and we would be happy if the rest of the planet would hug our dear kids.

A writer, bloogger and intercessor, Dawn considers her 6 kids her greatest blessing. Visit to find out more about how it changes your perception of Down's syndrome.

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