Create and Publish your own Book

Build and publish your own book

The publication of a book is no longer the only way to spread your work worldwide. This platform guides you through the publication process. The Indie Publishing is a practical guide to creating and distributing printed books, regardless of your background, skills and ambition. They have an idea and don't know where to put it. Create and publish your own eBook for free.

Build and share your own book with Book Creator for iPad

iBook Creator for iPad is an application that lets you simply make your own book and view it in iBooks, even post it to the iBookstore. Children like to write their own little ledgers, and if they do this with Book Creator, children will probably be particularly proud of their lettering when they are able to show it in iBooks on an iPad.

It' the easy way to make your own iBooks right on your iPad. Use iBooks to view them, share them with your buddies, or share them with your iBookstore. Perfect for children's illustrated book, photobooks, art book, cookbooks, handbooks, textbook and much more. Easily insert images from the application or take them from the web, then move and resize them.

Customize your eBook with policies and snaps. Just a touch and you can read your iBooks! E-mail your textbooks to your buddies or synchronize them with Dropbox. Your publications, which have been produced according to the ePub standards, show that they are legible now and in the years to come.

Fully supports the built-in lay-out of iBooks, which includes double-page spreads. The Book Creator is available on iPad for $6.99. Send us an e-mail to, let us know your application (with an Apple link), and we'll look into it.

To design and release your own book by Ellen Lupton

Disdainfully called a "vanity publisher", the self-published works at last take their place alongside the accepted independent genres such as literature, films and theatre. Independent authoring is a handy way to build and distribute print works, regardless of your backgrounds, skills and ambitions. This will help you realise any size project and any size budgets, from conventional book-making skills to the more sophisticated manufacturing processes needed to make large quantities of hardback book.

The particular emphasis of indie publishing on the graphic layout of textbooks makes it one of a kind among publish-it-yourself handbooks. The reader is guided little by little through the making of a textbook to give it a sense of personality, consistency and authenticity. Each example is explained with basic layout rules such as scaling, bleed, tempo and type, as well as comments for creating actual covers, table of content, captioning and more.

The aim of Indie Publishing is to provide the reader with inspiration in the form of samples of printing jobs that are similar to those that they could do themselves. Photographs, artist's portfolios, catalogues, poetry books, novels and zines are just a few samples of his work. Independent publishing deals with the important commercial issues of independent publishing - from how and why you should get an ibn number to the creation of advertising material and the use of the web to promote your work.

Complemented by a curatorial presentation of the most interesting illustrations of independently published works from the modern world, presented in full colour. When you have contents to divide and want to give it a clean and tidy shape, this volume will initiate your design and motivate you until the inks dry.

Independent publishing is the 8th in our bestselling Design Briefs range, which has more than 100,000 titles distributed around the world.

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