Create and Publish your own Book

Build and publish your own book

There are a number of children's book formats to bring your stories to life. The publication of a book is no longer the only way to spread your work worldwide. This platform guides you through the publication process. The Indie Publishing is a practical guide to creating and distributing printed books, regardless of your background, skills and ambition. They have an idea and don't know where to put it.

e-Book Workshop - make your own book!

Do you want to make a book? Do you want to resell it on-line? Create and publish your own free e-book. If so, you' ll be selling it all over the globe, in places like Amazon and Lulu. Also have a copy of your e-book in the National Libary of New Zealand! The self-publication of eBooks provides many opportunities for authors, creative professionals and shopkeepers.

Opportunity to make money with your writings or photographs/works of art, to promote your shop or your idea or to show your hobbies to the people. And all this free of charge from home! There is no need to gather the publisher's rejection letter - Do It Yourself! You can publish what you want, how you want, when you want and at the right time.

With no manuscripts or previous experience required, create eBooks in hands-on labs that focus on the process and vocabulary. Then, create your own eBooks at home whenever you're good to go. Browse Amazon Kindle eBooks, PDF promo for small businesses, eBooks on Lulu, Smashwords and cobo, eBook apps and free onlinebooks.

Send your e-book by e-mail to your loved ones, publish it under a username or tell the rest of the word for free. During the workshop we create eBooks with various free apps and Microsoft Word - with example texts and pictures or provide your own work.

We' re exploring everything you need to know, from US Tax to Amazon, creating a great book art book art and credit. In addition, we examine the price structuring and commercialization of your eBooks. Themes: eBook apps, eBook data format, eBook covers design, eBook sizing, copyrights, HTML, ISBNs, US tax, meta data, TOC, advertising and advertising, eBook covers, eBook text, ISBNs, US tax, eBook covers, eBook covers, eBook design, eBook design, eBook layout, eBook design, eBook layout, eBook sifting.

The small size of the classes allows us to respond to all your queries and covers many subjects in a timely manner. and I am enthusiastic about the possibilities of self-publication! In 2004 I have written a novel I would have liked to publish as an eBook, but now I like to help others to publish their first-book.

I' ve recently posted three eBooks on Amazon for Whangarei writers who wanted to stay anonimous. We had a great time creating the cover and illustration, reformatting the book and then the magic moments when the book is going to be posted on Amazon. I am currently working on more eBooks for another anonym writer, which will be available soon at Amazon.....

I have also transformed some of my blogs into eBooks as eBook Sampler, which will be available soon.....

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