Create and Print a Book

Making and printing a book

When you' ve finished writing your book, you can think about what kind of books you want to create: books to print and/or digital eBooks. Choose between a paperback and/or e-book. Take full creative control of Blurb's free book creation tools. It' even checking them to make sure they're printed correctly! It is now even easier and more powerful.

Letterpress - Create your print book | #WeHelpAuthors

When you' ve completed your book, you can think about what kind of book you want to create: print and/or electronic text. When your book goes on the market, you probably want both to get to as many people as possible (this is the default for all of our publisher packages).

When you are interested in ordering a printed edition for your friend or colleague, you will probably want to concentrate on the printbacks. They are the most favoured print options in self-publishing, as the low costs of producing them enable a highly attractive pricing. The three most common book formats are available and our book editor is set up to use them.

To create your print book cover for Createspace | Tips & Tutorials

If your book is in full proofing with us, it's a good idea to consider creating your complete envelope - front, back and spines. So you can't just take three tracks to Createspace and hopefully they'll do your covers right. Instead, you or your artwork artist will go here:

Creates space for Cover Template Manager. She or he will enter your page number and your typ. If you have just begun your print layouts, you will probably not yet have a number for the overall number of pages. Otherwise, please await this character from your creator and then enter it into the Template Creator.

You will receive a PDF document back, all in one snippet. Then your envelope artist will create your finished print book artwork by combining the front, back and spines of your artwork. If you are willing to release your book, please download the PDF of the interiors and the PDF of the outdoors.

When you make your book, Kreatespace ties the inside of the book to your sleeve - and you're on the road. Hint: Advanced writers will perform many of the crew space moves in the dashboard before they have their definitive PDF. This is an ideal we support, both for your print book and your e-book.

It makes perfect business to take charge of the easy but important things while you are in it. Often new writers are so enthusiastic about a book that they hurry too fast to get the dashboard elements (such as category, key words, description/blurbs) right, or with the diligence that will help you sell your book.

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