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Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for your books. This table shows the available Kindle Create document types. Each Kindle can only be in one size. Your. doc(x)-file will be transformed into a "reflowable" eBook.

Rebook reflowables allow readers to change the text size and are available on all Kindle equipment and free Kindle-Readers. Use Kindle Create to: PDFYour PDF will be transformed into a cartoon eBook. Comics eBooks contain Guided View, which encourages the motion from pane to pane with each stroke to give a clear hint of how the storyline is progressing on each page.

Use Kindle Create to: Kinddle Fire HDX 8. 9" Kindle Fire HD 8. 9" available on certain machines. Use Kindle Create to: Then click on the button Store file. You' will be asked to download the installation program to your download directory, but you can choose a different one. Navigate to the "Downloads" directory (or the directory where you have stored the installation program) and double-click the installation on it.

You' will be asked to set Kindle Create to a standard storage place, but you can choose a different one. Then click on Installation. Do Kindle Create is selected by defaults, but you can override it. To do this, double-click the installation package. You' will be asked to set Kindle Create to a standard storage place, but you can choose a different one.

Then click Next, and then click Install. Once installed, you can start Kindle Create by choosing Windows > Amazon > Kindle Create (Windows) or Launchpad > Kindle Create (Mac). Create your cartoon eBook from a PDF: Click here to find out more. Add cropped pictures to eBooks from a DOC (X) file: Click here to find out more.

Childle Create will restart to finish the operation. Childle Create includes support for eBooks in Dutch, English, German, Gujarati, French, Hindi, Italian, Malayalam, Marathi, Portuguese, Spanish and Tamil. Are you having problems when you are trying to upload a document? If you are in Kindle Create and you' re loading a document, you may receive errors that you stop before you work.

If you have another copy of the document that you can open, try to import it. Please do not hesitate to use Kindle Create if you can open the files. Passwordprotected fileSure that the document does not need a passcode to open it. Delete the request for a passphrase from the Microsoft Word processing program that you used to open the workbook.

Blank fileThe uploaded document does not appear to contain any contents. Ensure that you have uploaded the full text of your script, which is prepared for publication. Corrupted fileSomething has occurred to the executable that makes it difficult for Kindle Create (and maybe other programs) to open it.

Not supported formatThe document you are trying to open is not supported in Kindle Create as well. When you open your files in Microsoft Word and Adobe applications, among others, you can store them in one of the Kindle Create support formats: Typical ErrorIf the import was successful, Kindle Create had an unrecoverable bug.

Attempt to import the data again or save and re-import another one.

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