Create a Storybook with Photos

Storybook with photos

Do you have an amazing eBook experience now. It' a website to create your picture book. With all my heart. Show the story of your relationship in Love Story photo books. Story Creator lets you easily create beautiful story books with photos, videos, text and audio in a beautiful collection.

Inspiration and inspiration for every event

Whether greeting a new-born child or relocating to a new home, we always enjoy every reason to be creative. It' s no wonder we have a compilation of hundred different parties, decoration concepts and more. You will find here your daily life and your room will be transformed into an unforgettable experience, such as your New Year' s Eve celebration.

Be inspired by what you are writing in your prayers, sharing a marriage or more. Up to 75 Graduation Party Ideas Your Degree..... Greet this little bunch of happiness in the worid with a message for a babies' party.

Lovestory Photo Books

Feast your wonderful emotions and keep those memorable years. Show the history of your love stories in Love Stories photobooks. Photographs from your computer, community or other sources. We will deliver your order to any place in the word within 10 working hours. Every single instant was valuable, from the meeting to the present.

Amaze your fellow human beings with a very individual and emotive present. You and your specific person's Facebook photos are immediately gathered in a photobook. This is a very memorable time in a very unique photobook - a great way to get started for your future happy child. Your reminiscences of the Big Day will last forever: Create an stylish #WeddingBook with your host.

Instagram images with your #WeddingHashtag are immediately transformed into an attractive photobook. Commemorate this unique occasion with a great photographic present that reflects all the landmarks of our teamwork.

Creating a Storybook Picture

When I was looking through some of my favourite facebook groups, I came across pictures of the Aussie artist Kira Likhterova. Loving the way she takes a plain picture and turns it into a work of work. Here is their video clip on how to turn a plain picture into a picture book scene:

where the lights would be smooth and even. It was also in the mornings - again: smooth lighting. With a few picks and blotches removed here and there and a little cloned a strange twig, I softened her hide with one of my promotions - "Satin skin light" from "Photo Rejuvenation Basic Retouch Workflow Actions".

" While you can do it yourself in Photoshop with low opaqueness round motion copying, it will take a little while - but not much, as children usually already have good skins. Comes with a large, smooth bristle-stop. Then, I began part of my drawing on their faces and body and thought about using the light to create some 3-D effect - sometimes I do it with my action when I'm in a hurry (see "Light and Shadow" from "Photo Rejuvenation Basic Retouch Workflow Actions"), sometimes I just take a blank or dark paintbrush and draw on a seperate plane with 50% grey filling in overlaysh.

In essence, the aim is the same as what make-up artist tries to create - to sculpt with lights by moving some characteristics forward by drawing with whites and having some shades to step back by drawing with blacks. And then I begin to gamble with planes - bends and planes. Illumination of the areas I want to illuminate - in this case more around the girl to create the impression that she is encircled by it.

I' m playing with selected colours, replacing colours, colouring (via colour tone and saturation) and colour equilibrium to create the shades and shades I want. It' different every single one, according to how the picture feels to me. In this picture, for example, the green was too thick for me, so I de-saturated the green with a "replacement color".

Naturally, every so often when you work with masks to use the effect economically, with a low degree of opaqueness of the mousse. So I added some blues on the areas that go backwards and added a little heat to the areas that are to come forward - girl and areas around her, a few sheets here and there.

I' m always thinking from a painter's point of view - if you want something to come forward, lighter and warm colours; if you want something to step back, choose colder colours. What I wanted was more contrasts, warm colours and sharp detail, and also more mist and less contrasts in the areas I don't want to work on.

That' s why I choose to use F2.8, even though I have four gals, like in this case. And in case one is less sharp than the other, I sometimes take a few more pictures, concentrating on each of the women, so that I can even change my head if necessary.

The next step for this painting was to paint the desired areas with a little creme paint on individual coats - with low opaqueness. Couple occasions, each case on a different later: sometimes on a regular blend modus, sometimes on an overlays or soft-light modus, as well as girls' skins and around them to create more creaminess and blurred effect.

Which I like to do for a little shine and more blues in some areas - "Secret Ingredient/Magic Glow" by "Specialised Treatments Photoshop Actions". I' ve been playing with the addition of magic highlights. Use the Polygonal utility on a seperate plane, fill it with a little amount of pure blank color, drop the opaqueness and blur.

And in the end I used "Magic Lights Overlays" for a few sparks. Vanelli (Vanelli to his friends) is a Florida-based filmmaker, teacher and writer. A seasoned teacher, Vanelli has developed various photographic and numerical workflows, such as Click for Kids.

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