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Make an online storybook

Online backup stories so kids can't accidentally delete their hard work. It's never been easier to create and publish their own book or eBook. Click on "Create Storybook" for a basic tutorial. Then click START A BOOK. Here you would like to present your story and your main character(s).

Catch her timeless love story.

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Story Jumper: Post your own children's story. Sharing your books for free on-line. Make your own Wimpy Kid personality from the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Discover Amulet, the new illustrated comics novel for Kibuishi's little ones..... You have two ways to make a drawing with the protagonists or make a superhero drawing.

You can use A Dog's Live character, setting and objects to make your own stories..... Make your own cartoon and smile at other readers' cartoon favourites in Cartoon Playground! This is a cartoon producer with Sparky the Fire Dog and his friend, the Space Dogs. Make your own cartoon with Fone Bone, his buddies, preferences and text!

You can become an writer and make your own cartoon with pictures from the novel Raina Telgemeier's novel with our cartoon bookmaking work. LEGO City Cartoon Builder is here. Announce your tales in the shape of cartoons, plot them out and tell them to family! Create your own cartoon about Wilbur and his buddies using this cartoon creator from E.B. White's award-winning Charlotte's Web.

Make your own Disney character and star artwork. Easily make a sketch, mashup, animod, flip book, motion comic or music slide show.

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"I' ve used some of the student hits. Brand new - iCan Lavatory Training ProgramTM Apr! iCan Toilette Training ProgramTMis an application that can help! These are personalisable children's novels. Customise the illustration to the child's look on the basis of sex, hairstyle and colour, eyes colour, complexion, eyeglasses and communications methods.

Change the text to personalise the contents of the storyline. Funny and captivating children's novels make every kid something unique. Work together to create a photobook for a funny and imaginative exercise or let a kid know you'll take charge of it by making a photobook just for them. We have a library of children's tales about emotive, societal, security and communications abilities to promote personality develop.

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