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Making a Novel

A best-selling novel by Cliff Pickover. But little is known about how to create a compelling virtual experience to inspire people to make new contributions. It' difficult to choose the perfect title for a story. No real process, no formula. " So I used a generator to create a random story and it turned out to be hilarious.

Month of Romansh Writing

In the 30 workdays of November, 50,000 words? Start creating your novel in October. If you want to refresh your number of words in November, you need to give your novel a name. (don't be afraid, you can edit it later!). While you cannot post your novel on our site, you can provide a brief summary and extract.

Make a badge. Recognize the value of participating and earning badge by reaching certain mileposts. Get your own performance badge to commemorate the summits and dales of your own creativity trip. Get started on your writing. From November 1, you can refresh your number of words via the history or headers menu: From November 20, you can add the full text of your novel to our Worth Counting Checker to be the winner.

Be part of our creativity team.

Inspiration for crowdsourcing consortia to develop new solutions: Designing competitiveness and the mediation of confidence

Intrainsic motivations have a major impact on the investment intent. Troubleshooting shows the greatest connection with inherent motivations. Confidence in the system helps to reduce insecurity and promotes the sharing of information. The Internet has become an important resource for learning and new inspiration. But little is known about how to make a convincing digital event to encourage people to make new posts.

Based on the motivations of workplace layout theories, we are developing and testing a research frame to explore how motivations can be affected or stimulated by competitive features of the workplace to foster creativeness in crowd-sourcing environments. Specifically, we study the importance of tasks and know-how dimension in gaining motivations that lead to artistic work.

In addition, we consider the mediatory effect of confidence in the behavior of contributions to learning. We hypothesise that confidence in the hosted environment will reduce insecurity and promote the sharing of information. On the basis of an experimental survey by Kaggle's researchers, it was found that the participants' intentions to participate are strongly influenced by their own work. This in turn has a positive effect on their work.

High autonomy contests with a particular focus on solutions where the solutions have to fulfil a multitude of challenges will further encourage the participants to use their capabilities and talents, which leads to more fun and expertise. The results of our work deliver important implication for web platforms manager for the effective administration of crowd sourcing comunities.

Martinez is Professor of Business School, University of Kent, UK. Marian's research is focused on marketing-oriented innovations, with a particular emphasis on the evolution of new products and shared value added strategy. Current pro-jects include: Open Source Open Source publishing, solving problems in crowd-sourcing consortia and building powerful and innovative team.

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