Create a Child's Book

Making a children's book

Publish your children's book yourself with BookWright. You can create a children's print book and an eBook from the same file. Simply drag and drop images onto blank pages. You can use any font in your print book. Writing is not a matter of course.

Personalised children's literature | Personalised children's literature

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User-defined interactive Story Book Builders for children

Creating Arts Company is proud to offer a truly unique book making adventure! Each and every Create A Story is written and illustrated individually according to your specifications and we never use a pattern! Many years of author expertise in the field of children's literature, theatre and shows, our authors have been composing for our guests for years!

Your kid is the writer from the name of the book to the last movement and has full imaginative power of creativity! They will help you keep your history on course and give you hints on what comes next, which will help you with your history. Whilst the footsteps serve as a guideline, we recommend that you always leave the last word to your child's fantasy!

When you tell your own stories, all your own great stories are great stories! Now that you've completed all the stages of the storyline, it's finally up for your last look. It can be a funny exercise for you and your kid and will help kids to verify their work, an priceless workhorse!

Review the step-by-step instructions for your kid and get your definitive permission. Inquire your kid how they think the history will sound, use illegal answer and not just yes and know it. Featuring the magical quality label, it's safe to say that your new book will bring you directly to your home via your favorite book by means of either free online files or softback!

Buy one as a souvenir or order several volumes as a birthday present, birthday present or giveaway!

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