Create a Booklet in word

Making a booklet in word

Is it possible to create a booklet with MS Word? Launch a new or an existing document that you need. Click on File -> Page Setup in the menu bar. On the Margins tab, in the Multiple Pages list, select Book Fold. When your document is not set to landscape, Microsoft Word automatically sets it to landscape.

Brochure creation with MS Word

You' ll be taught how to create a booklet with Microsoft Word using the functions provided by the application. At the end of the course you can create a booklet with Microsoft Word. Use the Microsoft Office certificate to validate your knowledge of Excel. Course fees do not cover the certificate examination.

Students should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows.

Creating from a Word file

If you create a new eBook, your contents must be submitted as a PDF. Did you create your contents in Word? When the fonts are embeded and pictures and text have not altered. Select the menu item Files > Exports > Create PDF/XPS. Select where you want to store the PDF to. If the PDF /A format is used, this will output the PDF using the PDF/A format, which is an archive format.

As a result, the PDF/A format will look the same when opened in the past. bitsmap text, if you are not allowed to embed type. It is important if you want your file to have the same typeface as your Word file. In case you cannot embed scripts in the text, the text uses bitmaps so that the text looks the same as the source one.

The PDF viewer can replace another typeface if this is not selected and the PDF uses a typeface that cannot be embed. Select the Files folder. Then click on the button Store as. If you have not already done so, specify the name of the filename in the Filename field. Click PDF (*.PDF) in the Files of Types dropdown menu and click Default:

When you want to publish and reprint the file you need it to be of high qualitiy (online publication and printing). To do this, click the Microsoft Office button , point to the drop-down menu next to File To, and then click PDF or XPS. From the File name dropdown box, enter or choose a name for the file.

Click PDF in the Files of Types dropdown menu. In addition to Optimize for:, click Default (this is for on-line publication and printing). Then click'Next', after a few seconds your data will be saved and processed.

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