Create a Book Template

Making a book template

Designing your own templates for the online book designer is a great way to increase your creativity and earn money with your designs. Maybe you need a nice cover for your next eBook or for the work of your customer. A citation template creates a citation for a book, a magazine, an article in a collective work, a patent or a website. Free list of author names; .

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up templates.

Creating a book template in Adobe Illustrator

If you' re building a book in Adobe Illustrator, it's important to get started with the right setting so that your book is printed exactly as you would like. Please read our step-by-step guide to create your book template. Number of drawing boards is the number of inner pages and the number of front and back covers (and end pages if your design demands it).

Their contribution margin is generated individually. Type 0 for the distance and any number for the column (this is the number of pages per row). Specify your page format (this is the definitive trimming of your book) and a trimming allowance of .125" on all four pages. To do this, split the number of drawing areas by two (each drawing area would be two pages ), type 1 for the column and duplicate your page width.

Use CMYK as colour modus and 300 pixels as raster effect solution in the Extended section. To create your WYSIWYG file, click OK. NOTICE: Please be aware that Illustrator has a restricted screen area, which means that the overall width of each page column and the overall width of each page columns must not be greater than 227.5" (including bleed).

When working on a long book, you may need to divide your projects into a number of separate documents. Select Adobe PDF as the data type. Select High Print above as the default, although we will make some changes. On the Compressing page, turn off all your compressing options to prevent undue degradation.

For anything that cannot be exactly replicated by off-set printers, use Bicubic Sampling To 300 dpi for pictures above 400ppi when in this setting. Deselect all print selections on the Selections and Cuts page and make sure you check the Use cropping settings for documents option. On the Outputs page, click No color conversion and Don't add a profile.

Now you have an inside page template to create your own artwork.

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