Create a Book Online uk

Make a book online uk

Select the size and style of your photo album. With our highly customizable professional templates (photo book technology), it's easy to design the cover and packaging of your book online. Our service makes it easy to print books and brochures.

Letterpress is easy and stress-free. Contrary to other printer there are no delays - our free immediate cost estimate computer gives you an offer, well..... immediately. - Would you like to publish your book? - Publishing house with a listing of publications to be printed? - Do you need brochures for a seminar today or an upcoming meeting?

For those who have printing needs, we offer high value printed products. Our unsurpassed client services are guaranteed. All at an affordable cost, with no extra charges.

Personalized cover

They can also offer custom book art. Precise measurements are shown in the first stage of publication and you can easily and quickly load down your bar code. The CMYK colour modus (four-colour mode) should be used for your personalised mats. When you use the RGB (three-color) colour for your pictures, photographs or artwork, they are transformed to CMYK for print.

Doing so may cause minor colour shifts. Your envelope size depends on factors such as book size, number of pages, types of papers and types of envelope, all of which define the width of the pad. On the outside of the envelope is the "trimming", the trim area.

If a picture protrudes into this area, this part does not appear in the book because the cutting line - the name says it all - is truncated, i.e. it is truncated after bind. When you have pictures that are aligned with the border of the final book, please make sure that these pictures are large enough to overhang the trim.

In this way, so-called "lightning" (white spots) are avoided, which can arise if the cutting edges are not exactly maintained. The ISBN bar code is needed on the back of the book. Please click on the publisher's "Cover" button and click on the links below to get the bar code for your book.

Reservations for a 390 x 320 pixel / 1.3 inches x 1.0 inches place for the bar code on the back of your book. Bar code backgrounds are highlighted in blank to allow easy checkout scan.

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