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You can customize the design of your eBook as much or as little as you want. You can change the color of your text fields and text to create additional flair. Includes hundreds of templates, free downloads and no design knowledge required! Quick and easy to use with instant downloadable results. Irrespective of whether it is a book or a blog post.

Booktra Book Cover Maker - Make your own online eBook Cover Design

Here is what you can do WITHOUT Photoshop or any other download. Make your first artwork in just 3 mins. You' ll get a slim e-Book sleeve and 3-D rendering to show them exactly what they're getting. Simple creation of a bunch of product images at the click of a button.

for example books + CD's + checklist). Apply stunning text and user-defined visuals. Upload your 2-D and 3-D artwork up to 3000px. Making beautiful 3-D eBook artwork has never been so easy. Begin from the very beginning or select from one of our prefabricated designs. What do YOU want to do yourself in a few moments?

Don't worry, just choose from our expanding selection of professional-quality pre-made cover art and customise it to your needs. There are five completely free cover art. Our whole cover library begins at just $14.95 per $14 per $14 per month per cover and download. Thank God you made this website.

In fact, I can even make booklets and flyers by simply selecting 2-dimensional files instead of 3. Becoming a start-up businessman, with the capability to quickly, simply and cheaply purchase my own project and e-book shots really help to enhance the overall value of my projects while at the same time keep my cost down :)

After all, I just thought it would be cute to say thanks for such a great easy produkt, I realize firms need to make a lot of cash to remain on line, but having a paying and free item, certainly creates loyalties, it is a delight to be able to add you to my diary, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Is it possible to unsubscribe at any moment? Yes, you can terminate your membership at any moment. After termination, your bank details will stay in effect for the remainder of the day for which you have already made payment. All I need is coverage, so I don't want to register for a subscription to a month's work. Begin with a free bankroll.

May I use this for Createspace/Kindle Publishing? You can download any artwork you make in high definition up to 3000px. They can use and light these lids in createspace. ΓΏ Is it possible to sell my own artwork? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you still do not have your login details. Yes, you can update or terminate your subscription at any time during your subscription.

You got a front page for[YOUR NOTHING]? You can see all our available artwork in Cover-Maker.

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