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Choose the desired book type. Softcover, hardcover, color, black and white and much more. Create a high-quality photo book in minutes. Select from professionally designed layouts of our digital artists. Ensure that your manuscript is correctly formatted for Createspace.

Away from Easy Photo Books & Photo Albums

Get 30% off your first order of photobooks by downloading the application! Default tariffs can be applied to text messages. It''s so simple! Just choose your favorite pictures and we will sort them in order, with one picture per page. Simple adding and removing photographs, applying photographic designs and editing annotations for a nice look.

Our book is printed with high-quality inks, papers and permanent adhesive bind. From as little as 15 euros, creating an individual photobook is child's play. And all this will reduce the CO2 emissions of your book. We' re so proud of our photobooks that we have a 100% commitment to excellence.

When you are not satisfied, let us know and we will return a new book or your funds.


Create. It' easy to integrate your photo stream and your album into the book design. Print. Gain all the features you need for your projects, which include print on-demand and print on demand. You can also select from a variety of hardcopy alternatives. Use the advantages of Blurb's many different size, papermaking and style.

Unlock your imagination with picture subtitles, texts and innumerable picture-layout. One more breathtaking photoshooting! You want more ingenuity?

Create print-ready PDF files for a printer

To print your book you need two PDF documents for the printers. If you prepare the data exactly as the letterpress operator needs it, you will be saving an enormous amount of valuable work. Your book's inside must be a PDF document that has been created with the right bleed sizes (width and book height), all scripts must be placed inside, and the book's text or pictures must be placed so that the edges are the same.

Inquire your letterpress operator about the internal data format so that you can correctly send in the same. Every letterpress machine can be a little different. Using your letterpress press during the designing phase makes it much simpler to browse through the letterpress printings. Covers for letterpress have to be very specifically configured.

Paperbacks that are perfectly tied require a PDF that has a back, a back and a front, from the right to the wrong size. When your book is not accurate, it will not look good when it is final.

Recruit someone to ensure that your covers are properly edited and filed. When you pay to have done it right for the first case, you can safe a great deal of cash by not having to re-print a book because the bay was incorrect or losing your book's correctness or your own amount of paperwork during the book print run by constantly submitting new data and receiving new verifications.

For hardcover book print a booklet envelope or hardcover sleeve is usually required. Letterpress printers need very special dimensions for these data. Inquire your book printers for a pattern that you can give to your designers so that the document is correctly made. It is important that you make a print-ready PDF available to your printers.

That' s why it is often a good plan to engage a book design specialist who can work directly with the press.

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