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Mad writing requests

Prompts write, inspiring quotes, only inspiration, character ideas, but unfortunately no pictures. Discover Libby V's forum "Crazy writing prompts" on Pinterest. For more ideas on writing, dialogue and prompting, click here. Remember three crazy food combinations. Fully original write prompts, written by yourself!

Notice Prompts drawn by Weird Celebrity Toets

Writing inspired is like trying to hold on to a toxic mollusc in the centre of the sea while it is flogged on all sides by mega-wave. A lot of textbooks are promising to heal your author's blockage, and most of them depend greatly on "writing instructions" - these well-meant potentially beneficial fingers that have been developed to make your imaginative juice flow (yuck).

They are very well-intentioned, but in my opinion, most writing instructions have a tendency to be uninspired: "Write a passage in which someone finds something they have not. "Tell your folks what it's like to be their kid. "Sketch a tale that will put your whole garage to bed.

" The next timeyou pull a blankshell, don't turn to one of those soporific "How to be creative" novels - make a tale that''s built on your favourite star's latest online-melt. "Command Prompt: Command Prompt: Imagine a place where the absence of a free online public service is strictly forbidden.

Command Prompt: Command Prompt: Make a sci-fi universe where everyone has two characters, the second is just a reinforced copy of the first - and only reveals itself when they open their skinsuits. Command Prompt: A group of stepford-like women abduct all the kids in the whole wide globe to run their flawless Eclair plant.

Command Prompt: Command Prompt: Tell a tale about a young woman who rolls through her iPhone cam and finds a row of pictures she can't even recall later. Command Prompt: Make a frightening sequence in which a living man jumps out of a colorfully decorated cardboard case and talks to the kids about their dawn.

Command Prompt: Create a player who single-handedly kills an unholy company by relentlessly abusing the "Answer All" buttom. Command Prompt: A creepy tale about a group of expelled European holiday teens trying to cast dark spells in a bullring. Command Prompt: Produce a sequence in which a man tries to beat the Guinness Book of Records, but ends up estranging the charity of his own world.

Command Prompt: Command Prompt: Make a person who has a serpent foetish but doesn't want to confess. Command Prompt: Put a tale in the clandestine lower abdomen of Bloomington, Indiana. Command Prompt: Command Prompt: Make a tale in lists listing everything a girl has eaten alone on an eventless outing.

Command Prompt: Command Prompt: Make a personality who senses everything too much and then goes to a sorry film and then goes home.

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