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Since the introduction of the first eReader, prophets of the publishing industry have emerged from the wilderness of social media: The GMC Publications is the publisher and distributor of thousands of books and magazines. The award-winning publishing pavilion is a cunning corner. quadrille publishing is a leading publisher of illustrated books focusing on food & drink, art, photography and fashion, home & craft and health & beauty. Proud of the care and attention we devote to all our books, we have earned an enviable reputation as one of the UK's leading art and art book publishers.

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ABRAMS, established in 1949 by Harry N. Abrams, was the first in the United States to specialise in the production and sale of fine arts and picture volumes. Today, the firm is a member of the La Martinière Groupe and produces picture volumes in the fields of arts, photographs, cooking, indoor and outdoor decoration, handicrafts, literature, architectural works, amusement, fashion, sport and popular music, children's literature and music.

He is a world-renowned publishers and distributors of antique, clothing, gardening, designer and artistic work. Headquartered in North America, Adams Media Corporation is one of the premier publishers in North America and publishes approximately 140 new publications annually with a complete catalogue of approximately 700 publications. Adams Media was acquired in 2003 by F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company, one of the biggest specialist publishers in the business.

The Appletree Press is one of the biggest publishers of travel and gifts guides for an global travel industry. Published in eight of its own tongues. This includes French, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Portuguese. The Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publishing house in Vancouver, Canada with over 200 books, including novels and non-fiction, culture and sex education, homosexual, lesbian and multilingual books, cookery books and travel guides.

The Astragal Press provides accessible resources on ancient tooling and the collection of ancient tooling, early professions such as smithery and wagon making, as well as early science and technologies that include railway engineering and slides rules. Quilt a book or pattern. Published since 1979 for Hawaii and the Pacific. Since more than 30 years the company produces education and public magazines about the area.

The Breckling Press is an award-winning publishers of lavishly pictorial, high-quality handicrafts developed for a wide range of creatives from beginners to passionate enthusiasts. The Bryant Park Press, Inc. is a specialized retail bookseller specializing in creating one-of-a-kind, fun and educational non-fiction titles and intriguing literature under the name Block Island Schools.

Book about stitching, Quilt and clothcraft. Headquartered in San Francisco, Chronicle is a San Francisco-based freelance publishers of cookery textbooks, handicrafts, children's literature, stationary, art, fashion, education, popular music, travelling, and more. The Cider Mill Press aims to combine subtle readings, information and conversation between the cover pages of his creative work.

Published also children's literature under the Impressum of Applesauce Press. is the editor of Canada's most beloved cookery textbooks and now releases a range of craft textbooks and organisers. Lone Pine Publishing took over in 2011. Approximately 70 titles are published per year and we currently have more than 350 printed titles.

Our book covers topics such as travelling, eating, working in the garden, rural life, natural surroundings, New England and art. Published a series of handicraft and pearl textbooks as well as a series of beautiful Indian and border dress designs. Each of our book is an expert in its subject and contains a large number of photographs and illustration in colour and monochrome; our "how to do it" book contains an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide that is fully illustrative.

Everyone is interested in the art of the American Indians and the lives and periods of the American miners and the early border. For the DIY enthusiast, Fox Chapel Publishing produces a wide range of publications, journals, samples and video material. It inspires and informs people who love a wide range of trades and pastimes such as woodwork, jewellery making, scrap booking, stitching, boating, horticulture, winemaking, beer-making and more.

In 2009, Gibbs Smith celebrates its 40-year history and specialises in beautiful illustration of style literature on subjects such as interiors, architectural style, cookery, children, living, greenery/sustainability and more. The Great River Book is an independant editor of textbooks and material that offer cutting-edge ideas for mankind's advancement and education at any age and in any environment.

The mission of Gretchen Cagle Publications is to produce the best textbooks for paintings, decorations and paintings as well as video for decorations in the world. Publications have included oils, acrylics and faux-finishing. The Hardie Grant Book is a lively, prosperous, diverse as well as energetic company with a listing of textbooks on a variety of topics such as eating, wines, sports, story, real criminality, humor, pop cultural and people.

Today, our cookbooks and winebooks are among the best in the Australian economy and have won prestigious Australian prizes. As a specialist in adults' and children's literature for the consumer igloo book segment, Igloo Book is one of the top 10 British children's publishers.

Creativity in handicrafts for educators and students, painting and sculpting technique, painting and literature. Each year, we publish 40 to 45 wonderfully illustrative textbooks in a variety of artistic and craft disciplines. More than 350 printed works make our products one of the leading craft publishers in the United States, and our products are available in independant craft, handicraft and bookstores around the world.

Publication of how-to guides from jugglers to children's sciences. From antiques gatherers to cartoonists, classic car enthusiasts, huntsmen and marksmen, drains and quilted blankets, coins and more. Since July 2002 Krause Publications has been a member of the F+W Publications, Inc. group. Unbelievably, Kyle is a leading publishers of high-quality cookery, healthcare, lifestyle and garden music.

The Landauer Verlag is proud to produce high-quality quilt, handicraft and technical literature. The Landauer Verlag is an independent publishers, run by enthusiastic readers who want to bring high-quality, inspiring and imaginative, technical and practical literature to live. Microcosm Publishers is a small, cutting-edge company specializing in works that aim to make readers experience the feeling of being vibrant, playing an proactive part in improving their lives and influencing the environment around them.

Micromicrocosm has earned a fame for empowering itself, showing off covert stories and promoting creative ideas by challenged traditional publisher knowledge with textbooks and magazines about D Y abilities, eating, politics and the arts. Headquartered in New York City, Mud Puddle, Inc. is an independent publisher, packager and developer. We specialise in the production of high value literature, kit, toys and other items.

NH Publishers is an Aussie based in London, Sydney and Auckland. The standard for high trendy qualitiy, non-fiction in all fields such as cookery and healthcare, nature and horticulture, sports, travelling, biography, true criminality, self-help and references to daring, extensive couchtable textbooks with the most vibrant full-colour images.

Each year Nimbus produce more than thirty new publications on a variety of topics of relevance to the Atlantic provinces - children's photo albums and literature, nonfiction, social as well as culture and natural sciences, contemporary life, biographies, sports/culture. Publication of the memoir, adventure and inspiration of the Nordic writers. Published arts and crafts, cookery, horticulture and decoration of title.

The Page Street publishing company covers all types of literature for young adults (12 years and older) and a wide range of non-fiction titles in the fields of cookery, sport, science, natural history, home decoration, handicrafts and education. We also publish children's literature that focuses on new talents and artists' own storybook titles in all styles from 4 to 8 years of age, occasional tabletop titles from 0 to 3 years of age and visuals.

They publish textbooks on stitching, home decoration, corporate identity and the needlework classroom world. Palmer-Pletsch works are known for their excellence because their technique is not the result of research but of expertise. Publish several different imprints: BasicCivitas, Avalon Travel, BasicCivitas, Da Capo, PublicAffairs, Running Press, Seal Press, Vanguard Press, Vanguard Press et Westview Press.

Publisher of humour and present textbooks, stationary, magazines, betrothal diaries, diaries, children's and photo albums and news-readings. The Pioneers Print is a publisher and a small distribution company for the media which, in additon to the topics of sex, physical well-being, sex, sexuality, community equity, nutritional movement and literature by young writers, focuses on the issues of surviving and sustainable on the farmyard and in the town.

Granatapfel is a major publishing house for award-winning literature and gifts. We have been making a wide range of original items since 1968, from textbooks and diaries to home accessories and kids toys. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we are an independently operated private business with a focus on providing superior product and services and innovation.

We' re constantly introducing new sizes and design with the aim of inspiring through the arts. power House Book, a world-renowned and highly regarded publishers, is known for its wide range of publications - specialising in visual arts, documentaries, popular arts, fashions and celebooks. We' ve paved the way through the book publishers' business by bringing out titles that have triggered major changes in our cultures and redefining the way we see the place and function of the arts in modern society.

Much is known about our products, but little is known about the individuals who have made their name. the biggest English-language specialist publishing house in the whole wide range of categories. Our company sells and sells literature and games that inspire and teach youngsters.

Rio Nuevo Publishers presents the best of the West in words and images. His prizewinning works are focused on handicrafts, children's writing, cookery, history, horticulture, memoir, Native America, the natural world, the spiritual world and travelling. For 36 years Schiffer has been an independant, family-run specialist publisher in southeastern Pennsylvania.

You will be working in various areas of particular interest. Headquartered in Berlin, Search Press is a major arts and craft publishers specializing in visual arts, textile, general arts and handicrafts and children's work. Each year Search Press releases up to 100 of its own publications and also distributes them for other publishers. We are a small publishers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that produces sample booklets for glassmakers.

In the last 20 years we have released 71 tracks. Editor of a number of publications on Oriental religions and philosophies, specialising in Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Stackpole has been releasing the best of outdoor, historical and craft for 80 years. Sterling Publishers was established in 1949 and is one of the world's premier non-fiction publishers.

We' re one-of-a-kind because we have the coverage of the big publishers and yet the enthusiasm and creative spirit of an independant journal. Founded in 1989 in Berkeley, California, Stone Bridge is a printing company with approximately 150 publications in the fields of languages, economics, literature, haute cuisine, haute cuisine, manga, art and cultural events.

Publication of self-reliance booklets in accordance with the environmental. Taunton Press was born out of a man's passion for woodwork and his disappointment at the shortage of top-notch information about the craft. In 1975, the firm became a twenty-first Century multimedia enterprise, offering high-quality specialist information to the enthusiast through a range of popular journals, textbooks and electronic publications.

is a Portland, Oregon, editor of horticultural, decorative and menu horticultural, landscaping, sustainability, nature conservation and the Pacific Northwest. This is a small, private publishing house for horsebooks, handicraft textbooks and other publications. In 1985 Trafalgar Square decided to release his first book - Centreed by Sally Swift - and it is still one of the best-selling equine albums of all times.

The first book resulted in many other riding textbooks, which are still a trademark of the group. Trafalgar Square dared to publish in 1990 in several other important niches: needlework, mosaic, domestic animals and the casual name of the theater. Check out this page to see our large selection of handicrafts textbooks and a fistful of other fascinating tracks.

Ulysses Press has been one of the fastestgrowing small publishers at Publishers Weekly for five of the last eight years. Ulysses Press concentrates beyond the notion of the notion of the supermarket on very specific groups of niches that do not get the book they want from the big New York companies.

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