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Writing courses

I have had the experience of becoming a writer on both sides. I' ve never taken a writing class in college. You can read about the ups and downs I had when I took up my profession. You can even take free online courses to study literature. No such qualifications or degrees are required to be a writer.

become a writer

So, you're a writer.... and that makes you a writer! Just as every sportsman needs great warm-up exercise, so every writer needs great typing exercise. The course is developed to help you get up to speed as a writer. Practise typing your words on hard copy or on your computer so that you can trust yourself to create and share your work.

How does "good" typing work? This on-line course teaches you how to spell out the four clear rules of good non-fiction typing. All of the drills are conceived to blend into this texture. Practise makes perfect? that you have to practise at every stage of your typing.

The course gives you twelve tutorials to select from to get the exercise you need to find your own personal signature when you first start typing and to get into grooves quickly the more you can do. This will help you to establish trust, to bring your letter into the public domain and to "publish" it, whatever that means for you.

Work through the excercises one by one, every workingday or simply choose a individual as you like, just start or release. Conceived for writers and blogs of all levels, this course will teach you how to type from good to great in just three minute per days!

When you take one of my other courses, these are great ways to get you into the rhythm of your own books during the first few weeks of this course. Helping you become a better non-fiction author, this on-line authoring course is also a great solution for anyone who creates a film, sound or any kind of information products - the same principle applies and these tutorials will help you understand how to create appealing contents, no matter what you use.

Anyone who wants to enhance their typing or gain more trust to release their information product!

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