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New 6 degrees in Information Technology, Data Technology and Healthcare in Coursera The contracts are no exceptions. That is why we work with our academic associates to develop a new kind of study program experiences. Today we are pleased to announce the creation of six new degrees: a Master of Computer Science from Arizona State Unversity, a Global Master of Public Health from Imperial College London, a Master of Computer Science from the U.Illinois, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the U.OFL, a Master of Applied Data Science from theU.

Michigan and a Master of Public Health from theU.

The inclusion of these qualifications makes Coursera the top address for world-class qualifications with a combined of 10 programs on our platforms. Costs of qualifications have soared, while at the same tecnology makes post-secondary training more important than ever for professional achievement throughout life.

Together with our academic partner, we are developing a way to offer the qualifications more cost-effectively and with the same level of flexibility and with the same level of excellence for which these institutions are known worldwide. See below to find out more about the six new courses, all scheduled to start this year or in 2019.

First-year Arizona State University's Master of Computer ScienceFirst grade from fall 2018Fees: $15,000We are pleased to be able to provide a Master of Computer Science from the prestigious Arizona State Science, which has been the number one in the last three years for innovations. The MCS programme is aimed at Bachelor of Science or related computer science graduates who are looking for a deep knowledge of computer basics in the areas of computer literacy, cyber security and large amounts of information as well as practical experiences from industrial work.

ASU Master of Computer Science, named one of the top 5 graduates by the Wall Street Journal, gives graduates the head start they need to speed up theircareer. First year 2019 Imperial College London is one of the top ten best schools in the 2018 QS WU rankings, and that is just one of the reason why we are pleased to be bringing its Global Master of Public Health Programme to Coursera.

The Imperial College London's research-driven, evidence-based research gives the student a broad foundation for understanding and understanding disease outbreaks, addressing issues of concern to society, understanding the importance of innovating to improve human well-being and other crucial issues in the development, management and implementation of policies in the field of human resources. At the heart of the programme is an important practice-oriented research programme with practical applications, which can be used in the students' portfolio and filed for publishing.

The programme's programme consists of a direct collaboration with the School, which advises regular non-governmental organisations on strategy to enhance overall levels of human resources and, by obtaining this degree, develops the necessary capabilities to impact healthcare policy around the globe. Expense: $22,000Illinois Computer Science is home to one of the top five Ph.

As of this autumn, graduates everywhere will have the opportunity to obtain this first-class degree and study from the same department that has educated many of today's technological innovation professionals, among them entrepreneurs and executives at YouTube, PayPal, Microsoft, Netscape and Yelp. The Master's programme prepares the student with a solid academic background and easy entry to the most modern faculties of computer sciences.

University of Illinois MCS is expanding the current MCS in Computer Sciences, which was started on Coursera in 2016 and will offer a specialised course of study in Computer Sciences. Today's extension allows the student to choose other focus areas, among them soft- and hardware development, parallelization and high-performance computer.

Bachelor of science from University of London in Computer Science*First grade from spring 2019£9,600-£17,000, subject to the geographical location of the studentWe are pleased to be offering Coursera's first bachelor's degree at the University of London, a 150 year long correspondence university. Adaptable as an on-line degree with the costs of whether the learner is in a mature or evolving business, this degree will open up chances for individuals from all walks of life and regions.

They will acquire basic computer literacy and fundamentals through imaginative, design-oriented research on subjects such as mechanical engineering, virtuality and game creation. This degree provides new opportunities to help learners, which includes entry to on-line tutoring and the many faculties at Goldsmiths University of London.

Universiy of Michigan's Master of Sanitation*First grade from fall 2019The Universiy of Michigan was a co-founder of the Universiy in 2012, and we look forward to expanding our work together as we breathe fresh air to this daring new degree. This is the first opportunity for college graduates around the globe to attend a single course or gain a full degree in one of the world's most prestigious programs in the field of human resources (ranked number 4 in the nation's schools of human resources by US News & Word Report).

Michigan's programme stresses the use of research methodologies and principle of human healthcare to enhance people' s quality of life. Students are given a broad spectrum of publicly funded healthcare education accreditation for a thorough knowledge of the basics. The degree also allows the individual to choose from a broad spectrum of specialisations for targeted knowledge, among them community healthcare, programming and assessment, healthcare analysis, gender studies and accuracy work.

They will join a community of over 575,000 University of Michigan graduate students who are building our futures. The University of Michigan's Master of Applied DDS*First grade from fall 2019The professional designation "Data Scientist" did not yet existed ten years ago. Today it is one of the most rapidly expanding occupations, and the University of Michigan is creating an unprecedented programme to help students get ready for the "sexiest work of the 21 century" (according to Harvard Business Review).

The School of Information's School of Information study programme - rated No. 1 in Information Systems by US News & Report - is being designed by a world-class department to empower individuals from diverse background to benefit from the information revolution. 2. In this course, participants acquire a variety of competencies in all areas, from computer science and statistical analysis to mechanical education and ethical thinking.

These qualifications require the permission of the respective universities.

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