Cost to Publish an Ebook

Costs for the publication of an ebook

Costs of self-publishing an ebook. However, we will focus on how you publish your eBook with KDP. To view ebooks on Amazon, you need Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) at

There is no exclusivity required to publish with us, and there are no hidden fees, never. Self-Publishing Ebook Services.

What is the formatting fee?

Update your books to PDF+EBOOK Pro before March 31st at 12 o'clock and you' ll get 40% off the normal rate by using the rebate key provided by us, i. e. our rebate number. What is this rate compared to other textbook reformatting choices? Our self-service home-made interface lets you create both interiors and e-books format that satisfy sophisticated, professionally designed specifications.

It' going to be less expensive. Select from 50 topics, create your own books (and covers) on your dateline in a few business hours without having to pay an e-book programmer or illustrator. Review and re-export your books anytime, anywhere, at no additional expense. You can also load any number of pictures under 250 Mbytes.

Rent an e-book creator & graphics creator ($200-$2,500): Having your eBooks hand edited by a media professionals can range from $200 to $2,500, according to Bibliocrunch's Publishing Budget Tracker. Creates space for simple or custom interior designs ($199 or $349): Turn-arounds for designs and reviews can take 7-10 working day.

Design and formatting of Bookbaby Interior Book (from $299): Revision for an additional charge.

What does the publication of a.....

You may not use the ISBN of a pocket version for an e-book. Every size of a textbook - softcover, hardback, e-book, etc. must have a clear ISBN according to the ISBN' s regulations (see Bowker under While you can post an e-book without an ISBN, as many writers do, you may not use a paper-back ISBN for an e-book.

For example, SmartWords offers a free of charge ebook ESBN feature. You will need an e-book IDSBN if you want to use the Sony Reader to print an e-book. But ISBNs are really only for your own version of ISBNs ( "Smashwords Edition" is mandatory on your copyrights page); you may not use your ISBNs if you are publishing your e-book elsewhere.

However, if you are publishing an e-book with Smashwords, you can provide an e-book with almost all e-readers. It is worthwhile to create a pocket version, as this is not expensive. You provide a range of fee-based service, but you can post a free work.

When you want to get a printed copy of your copy (recommended), you will need to pay a small amount to order your work. While you can get a free PDF of your artwork and artwork files, it's actually better to use your genuine Word-documentation (if you used Microsoft Office for writing your book).

It is not recommended to use these free PDF documents for an e-book.

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