Cost to Publish an Ebook

Costs for the publication of an ebook

It' more than the simple process of conversion. What does it cost to create an EBook? Given the continuing arguement that big publishing requires far too much for eBooks, which it is, I thought I would write down a few numbers. Allow us to suppose, for the argument's sake, that you put your eBook on Amazon at $3, which is the cheapest rate you can quote and still get 70% donations.

You have to buy 595 eBooks (1785/3=) to pay for them. There is no need to buy a whole new range of computer, keyboard, word processor, etc. for your next eBook. That' s why your next eBook only costs: All you have to do is resell 417 of them.

You can also get lower priced covers if you use stick images.) However, there is no need to put eBook rates much higher. As the cost increases, you will be selling less, especially if you are a newbie. Eventually the cost becomes so high that your clients rebel and download pirate copy instead.

One of the problems for big publishing is that most poeple are able to find out that eBooks just cost much less than hardcovers or pocketbacks. For example, there is no risk of accidental overproduction and the need for them to be distributed to discounters just to get them out.

The disadvantage is that your clients will be able to notice when they are cut out. High eBook pricing - like Star Wars; Aftermath ($13.99) - is untenable. Now considering that the pictures I noticed above are accurate for large publishing (they probably aren't), they have to be selling 128 copies to even rend.

However, the real issue is - how many will buy the eBook at such a price?

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