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ICL: The centre for children's writing. Was it true that Stephen King took a correspondence course in fiction? You will receive updates on our new writing courses & books as well as access to exclusive course discounts.

Writing school - learning to type from home

This writing school shows you how to create and promote your work. This writing school shows you how to use our uniquely proven writing method. You' ll learn the abilities to make a living writing. We' ll show you how to create products, shortsheets, children's literature, fiction and fiction that are sold and resold.

Featuring fully embedded web-based eLearning courses, our great email/mail-based home studies courses are now available. They are assigned to a dedicated writing teacher - a pro writer - who will interact with you by telephone, e-mail or conventional post. You will be given well thought-out criticism, imaginative instruction and expert market management by your tutors.

Correspondent courses for writers, Article 1 of 2

So, what about correspondence schools for authors? Isn' it a fact that Stephen King took a correspondence course in literature? that he attended the Writer's Digest School course even though he didn't graduate. Anyway I get asked about correspondence courses for writers now and then and I know there are a good number of folks are curious about them-usually because they think about booking for one.

Stay with me and I'll tell you a lot about correspondence colleges in general, the Famous Writers' School outrage, which is teaching writing courses by post, what they are costing and exactly what the students are going through - in three parts. I' m not going to discuss whether writing can be learned.

I have authored several dozens of publishing works (fiction and non-fiction), three dozens of shorts and two thousand magazines and other non-fiction. I have been teaching letters (through correspondence and at author meetings and at colleges - both loan and non-credit courses and seminars), and some of my undergraduates have been made public. Instructor courses from other teachers have been successful.

Anything to do with correspondence courses for authors. Some years later I was teaching the same course (a kind of contract work by post). Sometime in the later 1980' I assisted in designing a new course for shorts. The Famous Writers' School and the Famous Artists' School gave the entire art distance learning industry a notoriety.

Each of them seems to have had some great reputations in his "staff". For example, Rod Serling was a member of the Famous Writers' School. As a matter of fact, none of these individuals were teaching the courses, nor had much to do with them; the Famous Company only hired their name.

And although you had to take a "test" before you were taken, the name of the college was to accept everyone, no matter penniless. Some other correspondent colleges seemed to be fading for a while, although more than one general education college (such as the National Radio Institute) provided writing courses by post.

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