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One cool feature is the Sentence Rephraser. "Well, it applies to the writing process, too. View the daily app ranking, rankings, ratings, features and reviews of top apps such as Cool Writer on the iOS Store. When Quotes Maker takes the cake, it's the cool type design and the effects. A very cool app asks questions, creates stories from answers.

Top 28 Typographic Applications

Whether it' iPhone, Android, Windows or web applications, the application universe is full of ways to enhance your typographic knowledge and make working with type faster and simpler. So, for you, that' our selection of the most important typographic applications that make your writing experience even more enjoyable (and in some cases even more so).

Any other application accessing the iPhone Fontbook can then use the built-in scripts. Currently, this is the case for Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Office Suite Pro, Office²HD and many other applications. Masking your pictures with the candy application.

Designed by Casy Tiger Apps, this cool utility allows the user to manipulate his pictures by creating forms and gradations, layered pictures and using different blending modi. Make it simple to include typographic information in your photographs, and give you full font choices and full controls over font sizes, placement, opacity, rotations and color.

MyFontbook makes it easy to organize and display your font installations. MyFontbook offers a range of font management utilities and is platform-independent and can be used via any web interface. TYPECOAST is a browser-based web font application that lets you explore over 23,000 web font types from Typekit, Fontdeck, and Google Font - even if you don't have an account/account with these web font types.

Symantec Monotype has partnered with Google to publish a free, open copy of Typecast that can be viewed through Google Fonts. This allows you to choose any of the fonts on the Google Fonts website and then click on the Typecast application shortcut. You can use this typeface to work on text of any length and use a variety of typeface control elements to create clear, legible fonts through customization such as fontsize, weights, and line pitch.

With the increasing use of webfaces on the Internet, the number of typographic features has soared. When you discover a typeface you want to use while surfing the Internet, it can be a little difficult to learn the website coding to find out which typeface you are looking at.

It resolves this by using a script identification marklet. Launched in 2008 by some of the most seasoned web design and development professionals, Font Services Typekit was purchased by Adobe in 2011 and is now an integrated part of the Creative Cloud. This allows the user to view and edit multiple Adobe documents in a variety of languages.

Learn more about how Typekit can be used to integrate typefaces into your web design. Featuring an amazing choice of typefaces, this application can help you with a whole host of interesting things, from making ingenious cards that you can mail to your loved ones, to adding your signatures to a photograph.

With this ingenious little web application you can easily match the appearance of characters in different types. It is described as "a font differential utility that provides a visual contrast to the difference between two fonts". The first time the page is opened, the characters in the Helvetica display are: letter A, letter A, letter A, letter g, letter b and letter A. The first time the page is opened, the letter A appears.

In order to modify the typeface, click on the blue'Hide' icon (which changes to'Show') and begin entering the area. You will see a drop-down list of typefaces. Please make a choice and the characters below will be changed accordingly. If you want to make a comparison with another typeface, do the same in the'Font B' box and the two typefaces will be displayed next to each other.

Or you can modify the letter selections at the bottom of the page. You can also see the typefaces up-close, by simply click on the box. By this time, Google Web Fonts is the only font resource for Tiff. Top 10 top typographic applications.....

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