Cool Story Ideas

Coole Story Ideas

Each of us has an idea for a book, a movie, a story, a TV series. What is a story without a history? Discover cool two-storey home designs. That documentary idea is based on my true life story and my book: However, what about audio and video combined with a really cool story?

Storyline setting ideas for writers: Awesome places for fantastic stories

A good story attitude for your character's story is just as important (some would say more important) than the story or the characters themselves. Is it possible to write a story without a cool place? An unforgettable and singular environment gives your whole globe more intensity and something with which your public can identify.

Due to the inherent nature of this listing, I'm sure it's someone looking for ideas for travelling or holidays and advising rather than just posting ideas, and that's okay. Imagine that I make this objective from a writer's point of views, with the explicit aim of improving history.

It is up to you to immerse more deeply in the place where you are interested to see if you want to use it in your story or live it in your world. Deserted Aquapark (River County - Orlando, Florida): It was the first Disney World Aquapark and currently a first class target for city researchers.

Abiod-Valley ("Algeria"): It is a luxuriant verdant stream that flows through a bleak and bleak countryside. Amazonas (Brazil): National Park Arches (USA - Utah): Australia, Ayers Rock: Luxurious spa on the outskirts of the Black Forest. Every story about a dinosaur will find this goal useful. Nevada (Black Rock Desert):

Astonishing landscapes and gleaming gears can be found almost everywhere in this arid area. You will see astonishing, apparently constantly varying colours according to the times of moon, sun and year. Gorge of Black Gunnison (USA - Colorado): It' a great backdrop for any film and story.

Gentle winter and plenty of precipitation create amazingly thick verdant woods over which one can breathe. To be seen in the movie "Die Frau in Schwarz. The Congo River (Central Africa): It' the lowest sea in the United States. A yearly meeting that is held at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

It has been taking place every year since 1986, most of them in Black Rock and is one of the cool places to go as long as you don't care about the many people. That little ploy can work for a story or a holiday in reality. Donau (Central Europe):

From the Black Forest to the Black Sea, this estuary stretches across eight different lands and has a large share in the European population. The Death Valley (USA - California): High, mushroom-shaped sanstone formation with verdant coating. Part of the Yellow Fluvial that really brings out the best in the countryside.

Arctic giant universe. It is the biggest permanent ice-filled cavern in the whole overworld. A remarkable number of basalt pillars that extend into the ocean. Valley of Hell. It is the lowest water reservoir in the whole wide range with a depth of over 5,300 metres. This is the lowest pond in the British Isles. The longest cavern in the canyon.

Bonsaish-like rocky isles attract people. Huge cliffs, topped by old cloisters. Moliner Underwater Sculpture Park (Caribbean - Grenada): The Monument Valley (USA - Arizona - Utah): East Africa (Nile): Longest flow in the time. Situated on the west side of Paparoa National Park, also with shrinkage hole.

Pamirs (Central Asia): "The" is a rugged mountain area, rarely seen by the outside observer, but still deserving of a reward. Amazing cliffs that look like ices or snows. "Fossilized forest (USA - Arizona): Biggest fossilized wooden fossil record in the whole wide globe. Beautiful destinations are these cave outcrops.

It is a very wooded area with rocks reminiscent of houses, wildlife and humans. Rhein (Northern Europe): "An astonishing place to record your story or film. in the Rift River valley (East Africa - Southwest Asia): impson Desert (Australia): Toscana (Central Italy): An isolated hill country high in the Himalayas, where once Mongol kaiser lived.

Because of the rocks the "Valley of the Moon" is so astonishing. Desolation Vale (South Africa): There is nothing here but giant rocks rising up into the skies. United States-Alaska ("Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes"): In some places this incinerated bottom is up to 700 feet high.

Situated on 118 isles and a string of canals, this astonishing town can be finally devoured by the water. Yorkan Skirt Forest (China): It is a very old stone yard, which becomes more attractive the calmer it is. Up to fifty cool places per state.

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