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Boost by Bourdain, Out-of-Print Cookbook finds new light. You are the author of a cookbook looking for a publishing contract? With these tools, offers and information, pricing in the cookbook is easy. Our customer service will help you with your final cookbook price. The G&R Publishing started with the simple task of producing customer-specific cookbooks as a fundraiser for organisations.

Twenty-two cookbook publishers who accept unauthorized manuscripts

And who doesn't like a good cookbook? There are 22 cookbook publishers who need suggestions from authors?! And as an additional benefit, many of these publishers also take non-fiction in other product groups. Please make sure that you are reading the complete entry guide before submitting.

ACADADIAN HOUSE began in 1979 as a local publishing house specialising primarily in Louisiana-related books with a particular focus on the state' s historical, culinary and cultural heritage. Please fill in the form below and click on "Send". It should also include biographic information about you as an writer, which includes your education backgrounds, your literacy skills, your skills in composing the paper you wish to present, and other information that links you to the topic of the work.

Descriptions of the public for the work are also welcome in this note. Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Part of Workman Publishing Company is Artisan Buch. Workman was established in 1968 and is an independant editor of adults and youth literature. Include a suggestion: a covering note with a brief account of the proposed work and the material contained in the kit, a suggestion containing a sketch, an introductory text, an artwork listing and specimen texts/chapters, specimen illustration or photos (duplicates, not originals), a prospective reader assessment of your work, which may include a comparative study with similar works, an author's bio and references, a self-addressed, prepaid self-released material returnvelope.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. The Burford and Burford Publishing Group is an independently owned publishing house located in Ithaca, NY. Her speciality are nature literature, with covers on everything from gulf to yachting. Please submit a request to, with the words "Inquiry" in the reference line. Please describe briefly in this message the title of the work you have been writing or are about to do so, and give us an impression of who you are and why you think you are eligible to do so.

Click here to view the complete policy. Specialized in non-fiction with a special emphasis on the United States. Currently they are publishing about 6 to 10 volumes per year and are constantly looking for new materials and work. You should suggest a descriptive text describing the theme of your text as well as its size and length, an overview of the text or a model index, one or two chapters, your skills, the public you want to get in touch with, your advertising and advertising concepts.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Chronicles "We are always on the search for the new and out-of-the-ordinary. "Chronicle releases 90 journals a year. You should suggest a one-page covering note with a brief account of the proposed product, why you think Chronicle should release it, what is contained in the bundle, and your contacts information, a marketing review, SASE.

Click here to view the complete policy. Approximately 70 of these publishers per year and currently have more than 350 printed works. Include the working name, approximate length and a short descriptive text of the work, a table of content or a short sketch, a brief survey of the markets for your work and the current contest (which may require a thorough research on your part), your qualification as an writer, information on previously released works, papers or other material or pertinent work experiences, two or three model sections and an introductory text, if any; please do not include complete scripts.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. FWP produces textbooks in various fields ranging from life style, cookery, physical and mental wellbeing, self-help, sexuality, and story. This is the property of the Quarto Publishing Group. Requests for literature are usually about five pages long and must include: a self-presentation section, a section that provides an overall view of the suggested proposal or approach, a summary or index, your own image material that accompanies the text, and information on sale.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Headquartered in Utah, Gibbs Smith specializes in socio-scientific textbook and digitized material for school, specialist interest and cookery use. You are a medium-sized company that publishes 60 new accounts a year. Include a suggestion: a topic brief; an assessment of the authors markets and skills for composing the text and how the authors will help selling and promoting the work, which includes online and public relations; an overview of the content; and a letter of example.

Click here to view the complete policy. The Great American Publishers is a small traditionally -sized newspaper with a focus on local cuisine (any state). Attach a covering note with a short account of the proposed work. What is the readership for your textbook? Do similar journals already exist? What makes your title different from other books on the open Market?

Which kind of doctorate is most efficient for you and your textbook? What is the best way to take part in the sale and distribution of your textbook? Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Harvard Common Press is an independently owned publishing company of high caliber textbooks that specialize in cookery and children's literature.

Writers interested in publication on The Harvard Common Press are invited to send in a full application, including: a chapter-by-chapter overview of the suggested work, an introductory section and a specimen section (for cookery books please attach a prescription list), a resume or a short story, any present or upcoming platform for selling and selling, an assessment of the competition and how they refer to the suggested work.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Overmountain Press is primarily a publishers of non-fiction books from the south of Appalachia. They are looking for new and interesting ways of preparing or organising prescriptions in cook books. Suggestions should contain a tick (what's so great about your book?), your skills for composing this one, your idea for advertising and promotion of the one, a 5-8 sentence abstract of the one, an extract of your choice.

Click here to view the complete policy. Pelican is currently the biggest general specialist publishers in the South. The Pelican Verlag needs a short and concise description of the work ( (see below), a seperate listing of the publisher's details, a print-out of the sketch and one or two sections as well as a prepaid self-adressed cover (SASE), which is enough for the returning of the sections or at least for our answer.

Please indicate this in the inquiry if you do not need to hand in the chapter. Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. The Quail Ridge Press specialises in the production of local cookery textbooks. It also publishes domestic cookery and local non-fiction literature. Please attach a covering note containing a brief descriptive text of the work, a sketch and/or introductory text, a list of content and at least 30 pages of text if the work contains illustration or photos, please submit a sample, a marketing review of the work, together with the title, publishers and data of all similar works and a CV of the writer, together with the credit and references in this section.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the full policy. One of the country's premier independents, Sasquatch is known for its cutting-edge and versatile listing of non-fiction with writers such as Nancy Pearl, Lynda Barry and Art Wolfe and best-selling publications in the areas of nutrition & wining, tourism and gardening. If you' re looking for a new book, then Sasquatch is the place for you. Please submit a request for information, an offer or a full text with information about you as an artist by post.

Just snail mail. Mmm. The University Press of Florida has a strong local emphasis on Seaside Publishing. In order to complete a paper, please fill out a one-page enquiry form and email it to editor-in-chief Meredith Morris Babb to find out how interested the University Press of Florida is in your work. Please click here to view the manual. Sourcebooks, Inc. is an independently owned publishing company based in Naperville, Illinois.

They publish textbooks, e-books and digitised goods in most user groups, such as university websites, memoirs, children's literature, young adults, literature, romanticism and encyclopedias. The Sourcebooks magazine releases over 300 magazines a year and has many best-sellers. We would like you to submit a short summary in 1-2 sections, a biography of the writer or a CV with references and, if applicable, a full index and the approximate length of the script in words and pages, two to three example sections (not the first), a short summary of the intended readership, a page/section about the benefits of your work, a listing of competitive or similar works and how your work is different.

Click here to view the complete policy. Squares One specialises in cookery, parenthood, economics and finances, self-help, story and memoirs. For six years in a row, Publishers Weekly names Square One one of the ten most rapidly expanding independent publishers in North America. Please enclose the following with your proposed manuscript: a covering note in which you explain the idea of your work, the reason and the target group, a short summary of the work, a short summary of the work, biographic information about you and any co-authors or illustrations, a post-paid SASE.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Discipline: a wide variety of topics: topical issues, nutrition and healthcare, education, pop cultural life, encyclopedias, history, arts and crafts, literature, children's literature, and more. It is a big company with over 5,000 printed tracks.

Include a covering note with an explanation of your ideas and a sketch and a section of the suggested text (with or without spaces) as well as example pictures, if any. Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. urrey Books focuses on eating, nourishment and entertainment. Besides traditional cookery books, Surrey also produces special cookery books that focus on gluten-free, vegetarian and diabetic cuisine.

Please click here to view the directions. You currently have a backup list of over 6,000 tracks and release 150 new tracks per year. The Tuttle company belongs to the Periplus series. In contrast to most major publishers, Tuttle takes a practical view and works in close cooperation with the various writers. If you would like to receive a full offer, please contact us by e-mail or post.

We would like to point out that Tuttle is publishing cookery textbooks for Asiatic cooking. Click here to view the full policy. White Cap Boooks is a publishing house in Canada. It contains visual reference works on eating, wines, health and well-being, local histories and local travel guides. We would be pleased to receive a covering letter and a full offer with a full listing of formulas, together with 15 samples.

Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. The Willow Creek Press is a publishing house specialising in natural, outdoors and sports themes, horticulture, animal and plant literature and cookery/cooking. Describe the work as a whole by sending a covering note. Specify who your audiences are and why Willow Creek Press is the best publishing house for your work.

Also: a chapter-by-chapter overview of the whole work, one or two example sections, a short biography or a memo that describes who you are and why you are the right people for writing this work. A self-addressed, franked cover with enough postal charges to send back all your work.

When you do not wish to return your documents, please enclose an envelop with first-class postal charges. Just snail mail. Mmm. Click here to view the complete policy. Verrillo has five publications. It blog about the publisher community, gives useful hints on how to get an agency, list agencies looking for customers, publishers who accept scripts directly from authors, explain how to sell and support their work, how to set up their own website, how to get their own review, how to post themselves and where to find marketplaces for their work on publication and other forms of madness.

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