Cookbook Literary Agents

Cook Book Literary Agents

DIRECTIVES FOR PROPOSALS In addition, we promote cookery literature, especially cookery textbooks, and sometimes other cookery subjects such as nutritional healthcare and spa, wines and cocktails and stories about diet. Because of the large number of enquiries we are receiving, please be aware that we are not in a position to answer general enquiries by telephone or e-mail about an ideas, a conception, a book directing or a gastronomic careers.

Do not call to pursue your suggestion. Click here for more information about the activity of an agents. When you suggest a potential publishers a blue print of your design, you want to make it clear how and why your books will be sold. You should include everything you need to persuade the agents and editors that your textbook is ready for publication.

These are the main elements of each non-fiction proposal: When you log in to an agents, you will also provide the name and address of your agents on this page. Suggestion content: A" Sitemap " page for the suggestion (not the book), with section name and page numbers. An account of the novel in print with convincing reasons why it should be made public, as well as the origins of the concept (basically the response to "Why am I doing this book?").

Explains why and how you are skilled to do so. Where available, it should include media material, written extracts and TV / DVD clips. Books markets: Too often a novelist is so enthusiastic about his work that he thinks everyone wants it, and he is willing to say that his work is" the only one on the open air books like nothing else before.

" Publishers will want to see that you have a clear vision of who the target group for your books is, what motivates the reader to buy the books, and how these users will profit from your work. Do you have a built-in public, e.g. a culinary college or a customer in a restaurants, to whom the product can be strongly sold?

And what distinguishes this from them? In this section it's not about denying your competitors; it should just tell you what your books have to offer and what others don't. An author is in charge of understanding the competitors; this will help you as an author to evolve your voices and understanding what makes your text uniquely so.

An overview of the suggested chapters of the project, with all the important items (such as side bars or fact boxes) within each of them. This is a short section describing the appearance of the work. Show that you have a clear perspective, but are also open to working together on the basis of the best overall packaging for your work.

Or if you would like to suggest the delivery of the photograph yourself, add it here together with examples or link to pictures in booksmanship. When you suggest a cookery textbook, make sure you specify the number of prescriptions you want in each section. If you can make a list of formula headings as comprehensive as possible, this section is reinforced.

Full example chapter: This is the most important part of the suggestion. The purpose of this individual section is to explain the overall design of the product and to make your typing skills and formulation techniques clear. These are some extra hints to make sure your suggestion is as powerful as possible: When submitting a paper copy of the suggestion, enclose a sufficiently stamped and stamped envelop or letter so that the suggestion can be sent back.

Kindly be aware that these policies are industrial standard for the creation of a proffesional offer pack. Good fortune to bring your textbook to live!

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