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They are the absolute best living writers and famous modern authors that still exist today, according to the readers and bibliophiles. World Writing on the Edge: Great contemporary writers on the front line of the crisis. Suggestions for authors presented on the website by authors, publishers, editors, translators and literary critics are welcome. In spite of the continuing popularity of contemporary women's literature, British women writers have received little critical attention. This lesson will look at the role of contemporary African American script.

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Contemporary writers you should definitely read

You should not miss out on these authors. Baszile is an essays writer and the novel Queen Sweep. They will want to see this not only because it is a worthwhile tale of a hard fight and a profound change, but also because it is about to be adopted into a television show by Ava DuVernay and co-produced by Oprah.

He is the writer of the stories Drop, Hunting in Harlem, Pym and the upcoming Loving Day. He is the Autor von Büchern wie Breath, Eyes, Memor, Memory, Claire of the Sea Light und Brother, I'm Doing. He is the theatre reviewer for the New Yorker and writer of the uncategorized memoir/non-fiction hybrids The Women and the breathtaking White Girls series.

Als is a writer who works on the arts, sex and identities, relying on his extensive understanding of the world' s pop and literature cultures and his own experience. She is the writer of the books Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, Americanah and The Thing Around Your Neck.

She' s also (so far) the only author on this shortlist who is represented in a Beyoncé track (her TED lecture was recorded on "Flawless"). Today he is one of the most famous contemporary writers. She confronts girls and feminism, the Biafran Wars and Nigeria's policies in her books. Her most recent writing was about the complication of the African identities of a Nigerian-born author in America in her not-to-be-fallen Americanah.

He is the writer of God Says No and the upcoming novel Delicious Foods. Hannaham's books take us on weird travels with unbelievable personalities - in his début, God Says No, a young homosexual, fat female radicalist has just got herself a wife (both are Disney World-obsessed by chance).

She is the writer of books such as The Icarus Girl, Mr. Fox and Boy, Snow, Bird. Oyeyemi's fiction is playedful and unsettling, fanciful and outlandish. It brings fairy-tale madness to our everyday world. Their latest work, Boy, Snow, Bird, is a breathtaking re-telling of "Snow White", which also investigates the effects of the "passing away" in a city in New England in the 1950s.

He is the Auteur der Romane The beautiful Things that Heaven Bears, How to ready the plane und All Our Names. Quantgestu describes the experience of ethnic migrants in America in a way that is both unique and unique. She is the writer of the Ayiti Kurzgeschichtensammlung, the novel An Untamed State and the Essaysammlung Bad Feminist.

Gay's An Untamed State, the tale of a Haitian abducted lady, is politically and profoundly intimate and describes the countless ways in which humans can harm and cure each other. He is the journalist and journalist for The Atlantic, where he wrote the article "The Case for Reparations", and the journalist of Memoiren A Beautiful struggle:

By reading Coates' pensive and subtle Atlantic literature, which covers everything from racial and political to historical and masculine, you will see that he is one of the best thinkers and writers on contemporary America. Ismyn Ward is the writer of the novel Where the Line Blind and Resvage the Bones and the memoirs Men We Reaped.

It is Ward's study of the living of the destitute in today's South. Ward tells the tale of a teenage boy in pregnancy, waiting for Hurricane Katrina (Salvage the Bones) and the sad death of five young men she knew (Men We Reaped), and writing with charm and sincerity, open to happiness and sadness.

He is the writer of the fiction The White Boy Shuffle, Tuff, Slumberland and the upcoming The Sellout as well as two volumes of poems. He is the writer of the books The Untelling, Silver Sparrow and the books Les Atlanta and The Untelling. Be it during a serial of infanticide in Atlanta (Leaving Atlanta) or in the confrontation with a father's clandestine familiy (Silver Sparrow), Jones talks about the mysteries of affection, deaths and families with sensibility and empathy.

Allen is the writer of the novel Rails Under My Back and Song of the Shank and the Holding Pattern series. He is the creator of the Drinking Coffee Elsewhere series. He is the Book of Night Women, John Crow's Devil und A Brief History of Seven Killings.

aiye Selasi is the writer of the novel Ghana Must Go and a dramatist and filmographer. He is the writer of the novel Every Day is for the Thief and of the novel Open City and the new photo-criter for the New York Times Magazine. She is the writer of the books White Teeth, The Autograph Man, On Beauty and NW as well as the essays Moving MyMyMind.

Beginning with her blockbusters White Teeth novel, Smith's books are a must read - not only clever and beautifully composed, but also full of zest and suspense. One of our most important contemporary writers, Smith is a bright and sensitive essays writer and culture comedian. He is the writer of The Intuitionist, John Henry Days, Apex Hides the Hurt, Sag Harbor, Zone One, The Colossus of New York and the Noble Hustle memoirs:

White-Head can make lift inspections seem intriguing, magic and extremely important, as in The Intuitionist, and focus on the life of wealthy young blacks in 1985 in Sag Harbor (Sag Harbor). Mathis is the writer of the novel The Twelve Trunks of Hattie. The Twelve of Hattie is the dramatic and mighty tale of Hattie Shepard and her kids, whose life is full of tragedies and traumas.

The Nobel Prize laureate Toni Morrison is the writer of a number of award-winning books, among them The Bluest Eye, Beloved, Sula and the upcoming God Help the Child. Morrison's bright and intrepid stories deal with such great issues as raciality, sexuality and the dark of mankind while immersing themselves in the life of memorable people.

Isn' t your favourite contemporary writer on this census?

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