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The Computing Teachers page is an invaluable resource for supporting and consolidating classroom activities with meaningful homework. The year, grade, homework, due date. You will find homework and assignments. Homework from the higher class is published regularly. Business & Computing defines the homework for Key Stage.

Calculation in the key phase 3

The Computing Teacher page is an inestimable resource for supporting and consolidating teaching activity with useful homework. Included in the course are tutorials on word processor, modeling, computing, coding, hardware, controls, file representations, the BBC Micro:bit and many other subjects. During the development of the tutorials, the focus is on story-telling and comedy.

For a better comprehension the tutorials are accompanied by extensive illustration. To log in as a visitor and view the example material, click the Guestlogin icon on the lefthand side. How do pupils view the tutorials on the website? Intro. to graphics "Really enjoy doing it if you are reading everything you know it more, this is probably the best homework i've had so far in ýict because it's more interesting, it's like a movie if you get into it u just cant stop. i was starting to look more about pixel haha lol"

Homework is a lot of pleasure (somehow). "Most likely my favourite ICT homework item is not too simple and not too difficult:)"

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Ray's Rental, located in a small city in an appealing part of the countryside, is a large store that rents out bicycles to the many tourist who come to the area. We also sell bicycles and bicycle equipment, but this site only deals with rental, which includes the purchase, servicing and disposing of rental bicycles.

You can rent about 150 bicycles in the store. For each bicycle there is a bicycle record, an example can be found in Annex A. He assigns a number to each new bicycle and records it in a new one. You will find information about the type and make, the date Ray purchased the bicycle, how much he spent and which of three rankings and five different size the bicycle is.

Every bicycle is only kept for a few years, after which Ray usually resells it to a fistful of them. Because of the guarantee Ray's Rentals gives, the bicycle record will be kept for another two years.

There are also motorcycle maintainance record information. On other occasions, without an error being detected, a default bicycle repair is made. Another of Rays Rentals' main documents is the Rental Record. Every bicycle has its own rental record, an example is shown in Annex B.

All on the rental log is manually input. These include date and time, client data and the amount of money that will be charged for a rental (depending on the rental period: half or full day). Clients inquire whether they want to rent one or more bicycles by either telephoning, personally telephoning or letter.

Human Resources, led by Ray's deputy manager, Pete, takes care of inquiries. In a case where someone has phoned and wants to take one or more bikes with them, the transactions are recorded in the rental records for the rented bike(s). At times a user will just want information about the bicycle rental, in which case Hirings Department personnel will record some handwritten comments on an uneven sheet of hard copy and pass them to him or her.

When someone calls, it is usually to make a general request - in which case Ray's Rentals can give the necessary information on the telephone - or it is to book one or more of these. You will receive the booking information on a sheet of hard copy, together with the name and telephone number of the called number.

As soon as they have verified the rental records to see if there is the right number of the right bicycle rating and the right bicycle dimension, if the client wishes, the rental department will call back to let the client know. When making a booking, the rental information (typically the rental date, client name, client address, postcode, telephone number, bicycle category and size) is included as far as possible, and the remainder of the information is provided when the rental actually takes place and/or when we receive your money and/or when the bicycle is sent back to the rental department.

It is a matter of course that the booking can be made several nights or even months before the rental and since the booking is recorded on the next available line in the rental log, there is always the chance that the booking will be "lost" under all other bookings and rentals.

In the past, this has repeatedly led to confusion because sometimes bicycles reserved for someone could be borrowed or reserved by other clients for the same time. Once the client has registered, a general request is usually required, in which case the letting department will place a copy of the "sample bicycle rentals " price sheet in an enclosed cover and send it back to the requestor (the rent is defined by the classification).

He thinks that too much prospective deal is getting wasted due to the sometimes random way in which requests are handled and the lack of interest from clients who have shown in renting a bicycle. Luckily, many of our clients are faithful and always rent bicycles.

If the customer pays the rent, a handwritten voucher will be issued (or sent by mail if he sends a check by post). Once the lease expires and the bicycle is handed back, the lease leaf is refreshed with the current hour. Every Friday, Ray will inspect Ray Mountain Records to determine which bicycles have not been maintained for a whole months and create a handwritten inventory of them.

It' simple for Ray not to know when a bicycle is due for maintenance, in part because the manuscript on the maintenance record part of the record can be horrible. If Alf and Bert have maintained a bicycle, they are updating the maintenance log. The rental department will also provide them with information about bicycle errors that have been notified by the customer during the collection or return of bicycles and for which repair work is required.

When the work is finished, Alf and Bert refresh the maintenance record. There is no true system for prioritizing all this "service" and "repair" work, so that sometimes bicycles, which are in high request, wait for their work off the street, while some other bicycles, which have been worked on and which can be rented, are very rare.

As a result, bicycles may not be on the street for a fewweek. One part can always be obtained from the motorcycle OEM and perhaps one (and only one) from several other reliable vendors.

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