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We can' put it all together. Penta is the modern remedy against writer's block. Led by Sol Stein at Writers SuperCenter: This is all easier if you know what your article or book chapter is about in advance. About story software and rethinking how books and stories are made.

Writer Software und Writers Software und Writing Services SuperCenter : Compatible WritePro software

New WritePro Interactive Course in Fantasy is the full 10-hour series of the best writing classes in fantasy ever made. Led by Sol Stein (more about the Maestro), the award-winning writer, educator, publisher und lecturer of literature, this course is used by an astounding 100,000 authors in 38 states.

Sol Stein, the founder of The New WritePro®, is an award-winning dramatist from Broadway, an anthologised writer, the writer of nine fiction titles, among them The Magician, which sells millions, as well as non-fiction, scripts and television drama. F. Stein won the Distinguished Instructor Award of the University of California at Irvine for his work with authors.

So Stein will help you build lively personalities to take home. You will see how to generate the kind of tension that keeps the readers page by page, plus the ability to show your storyline with completely vibrant looking characters. What's more, you'll see how you can do that? You' ll be taught how pros make actions that you can see, dialogues that the readers can listen to, all directly related to the history you write, using self-editing skills that work for winning authors.

Lesson Five to Seven: Here is the important skill of Provincial Dialog and how to shape it in your own history. It offers technologies that are used by accomplished authors that you can quickly control, such as the foundation for drama and the creation of relations that generate tension. You' ll also see how sophisticated characterisation can make the reader falling in touch with your character.

During your entire work, you have simple acces to 189 policies that have contributed to the success of your work. You will be appreciative if the program will save you many month's work by using the latest time-saving auditing-methods. The New WritePro®? Why has it become the most widely used program for authors in America, Europe and Asia?

  • Work on a novel, led gradually by a tutor who has published some of the most influential authors of the twentieth centuries, among them James Baldwin, Lionel Trilling, Elia Kazan, Jack Higgins and many others. - Writing a storyline that is good enough to be approved for release. No matter your profession and your educational or talented levels, you can take the most important leap towards the resourceful authors you dreamt that you could be.

WritePro® is successfully used by dozens of millions of authors in all 50 states and 38 states. WritePro® is an easy-to-use application that helps you create interesting character, exciting plot and glittering dialogues as you go. Allows you to try and mistake to prevent errors, and you will see evidence of your enhancement every single working with the program every single working days.....

And if your writing doesn't get better within a few moments, please feel free to get a full reimbursement within 30 working nights of your order. WritePro® has been tested by authors and critics who know it works. You' re taking no risks --- and you have a winning business, all your aspirations and desires of writing fiction or tales successfully, as you are led by the writer of Stone on Writing, how to wax a novel, and Sol Stein's reference work for the novel.

WHAT IS SO REVOLUTIONARY ABOUT THE NEW WRITEPRO®? New WritePro® uses the recognized best way to study. You' ll use any new techniques in your writing as soon as you have learned them. There is nothing more inspiring than proof of your improvements on your monitor, in your own writing, within a few moments of launching.

Authors' meetings and workshop participants of Genuine WritePro tell us that in additon to the help they received for their writing, they have two other advantages: The New WritePro® shows you interesting ways to create your own character based on your game. Others have you to begin with plotting, which often produced hacking work.

The New WritePro® alone has The Dialogue Doctor?, which shows you how to transform the normal exchange into a dialog that jumps from the page, your every single spoken phrase by the No. 1 dialogue instructor in the state. With New WritePro® you can write and edit new scenarios before the second unit is finished.

"Over the years, my feeling is that about half of the folks who purchased a computer did it because they wanted to make a book. It' a program named WritePro. Work with WritePro couldn't be simpler. It' a program for a novelist. I' m really excited about WritePro.

The WritePro is an almost ideal education program. Wasn' t that what PCs were even meant to do? WritePro ] tries to help authors develop their creative abilities in an atmosphere that was anything but beneficial to such efforts. I am pleasantly surprised that WritePro works surprisingly well in both respects.

Maybe I've found the answers for all the new novelists out there. It is a powerful tool named WRITEPRO. That is what makes WRITEPRO so successful: It' making you write your own novel at your own speed - at home! Just think, you have one of the best writing instructors, who is always there for you, right in your computer.

I' m just waitin' to show you all those'secrets' of novel writing. The WRITEPRO is fantastic. Stone gives you the tool to be your own editors. When Lesson Two is over, you have a storyline with round character, a credible storyline, verve and no clichés. "Now there is a new writing program that will give you as much as possible about how to become a novel writer.

The WritePro is very easy to use. It will work for other authors as prospective authors; the principle of good writing is good for all types of writing. Purchase the program now. "The key thing about WritePro is that it's great! When you want to create your own literature, you should use WritePro 1/2/3/4.

So you can acquire the instruments of destiny without having to re-discover the cog. "I am optimistic that if you are persistent and attentive to Stein's advices, you may end up writing a saleable play (if your aim is to be published). You' re just a few seconds away from your first WritePro history.

The WritePro would be most useful to a would-be author who is lacking technology but is carried by a resourceful source, or an experienced author who wants to escape from ticks and manners. The program seems about as silly as a program can be. "If you' re one of those who have the drive to get the book out of yourself and onto the page, WritePro may be the best[money] you've ever used.

WritePro is the right thing for you if you want to enhance or enhance your work. "I must confess that going through WritePro did help me to recall some things I never knew I had forgot. "Excellent opportunities for beginners or experienced learners from award-winning teachers of best-selling composers. Get started immediately with these quizzes.

A great deal of encouragement and an explanation of the main parts of the history and how they work together. "WritePro does it again! I' ve been writing about many uncommon computer programmes in the past. But only one of them has developed a program to teach you how to type a novel - that's WritePro - the Sol Stein Creative Writing Program.

It' as simple and uncomplicated as turning on your computer. WritePro is simple to use, menu-driven, and packed with thousands of writing tips and mysteries you've always wanted to know. The book will teach new authors important facts that can turn their works into shiny documents, and it can bring to mind the little allusions of writing that they may have overlooked.

They can really see your writing improve as each lecture goes on. "I don't think I exaggerate when I tell you that WritePro is ideal for anyone who wants or needs to use it. It' simple to set up. It' automated and engaging, contains six step-by-step sessions that take you further on the path to lively dialog, create powerful personalities, design and work out storylines, make a start that appeals to the readers, and use the computer to make my ultimate favourite "Flab Editing".

" It has a supporting program that provides results that you can see almost instantly when your mind is under little stress. The WritePro is a practical, feature-packed online learning tool. It' more than just a book because it's interactivity. It' a computer based repair shop. "WritePro is like having Sol Stein in the same room as writing and provides useful critique of his work.

" With the programmes described here, Sol Stein becomes your trainer and journalist who accompanies you every single stage of the production and further development of your texts. WritePro (which had fewer lections than the new version) was originally developed in 1989 and over 100,000 authors in 38 different languages have already benefitted from the programmes you will get to know on this website.

He is the editor of some of the most prominent authors of the twentieth and twentieth centuries, among them James Baldwin, David Frost, Jack Higgins, Elia Kazan, Dylan Thomas, Lionel Trilling, W. H. Auden, Jacques Barzun and three leaders. Now his book Stein on Writing is available in pocketbook and on audiotape, CD and CD.

An additional book, How to Grow a Novel, was chosen by the Book-of-the-Month Club. He has taught at Columbia University, the University of Iowa and the University of California at Irvine, who awarded him the Distinguished Instructor Award in 1993 for his classes in dialog and fictional writing.

The Columbia University has set up an archives for more than 1600 Stein and Day publications, as well as an archives of Stein's own scripts and his work on the editing of the scripts of accomplished writers. A jury chosen by the Modern Library in 1999 voted two Stein-edited non-fiction works in the top half of the "100 best non-fiction works of the century", James Baldwin's Notes of a Virgin Son and George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia.

Stein established the book publishers Stein and Day in 1962 and was president and editor-in-chief for over a quarter-ten years. The Writers' Yearbook of 1985 ranked Stein and Day #3 of the top 50 US publishers on the benefit for them. The film''s autobiographer Elia Kazan, who directed five Pulitzer Prizes and won three Oscars for direction, said:'My promoter Sol Stein was my production, my press-rev. Sol Stein was my theatrician.

" Kazan's The Understudy is devoted to Stein, "who saw what I didn't think was possible. "Books that Stein publishes have been on best-seller list for nineteen years. Mr. Stein graduated from the City College of New York and Columbia University. WritePro®, First Aid for Worriters® and FictionMaster are the creators of three computer programmes for authors.

It is used by over 110,000 authors in 38 different markets. He has been featured on the Today Show, Tonight Show, Larry King Show, David Frost Program and key interviews in Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Hartford, Boston, New York, Paris and London.

For more informationen zu Stein trouver Sie dans Who's Who's Who in America, Who's Who's Who in the World et Who's Who in Entertainment. New WritePro® works on Windows XP or higher machines, Windows 7, Vista, etc. Works on MAC machines using Mac 9.1 or higher, incl. Mac X.

You can download the program directly from our website or receive your lesson on CD which will be delivered quickly from our office directly to your home. Do you need a writing consultation?

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