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See our comparison of publishing platforms in Amazon vs. Compare Publishers. See our commented comparison of self-publishing offerings.

Self-pricing analysis

One writer is writing her first novel, and after going through the edit cycle, it's about 122,000 words. It comes with a listing of three favorite self-publishing platforms: On first sight she enjoys selling textbooks for free over CreateSpace and Lulu's network. Every one of these services needs to set a'list price'.

That is the selling point of the product to you. They discover that CreateSpace earns 40% of the catalogue prices for each volume of books they sell. The Lulu fee is 20% of the author's fee (i.e. the amount of the differential between the listed value and the costs of producing the book). First, she wants to compare the amount of cash she would earn if she were to sell her books through the publisher's own website:

She' puts the catalogue on £10 to facilitate comparisons and then charges how much she would earn if she sells 10 volumes in a single months. That'?s if she only sells 10 volumes. A key benefit she would get from her membership is the opportunity to use an ISBN to buy her copy through large bookstores such as Amazon and Waterstones.

She now wants to know what the publisher's service would look like compared to selling 10 volumes in a single mono. CreateSpace gives the merchant 20% of the listed value and CreateSpace 40% of the listed value. While Lulu works slightly differently, the reseller will make a reduction of 50% of the listed value and Lulu will pay 20% of the rest of the license fees.

She' s making the desk, although Lulu wouldn' t allow her to lose her book. In order to be able to sell via merchants if she uses Lulu, she would have to put the listed value at at least £10.26. And she realizes she's gonna make a lot more cash with it.

It' s also that they offer the best qualitiy book that makes it even better! So who' s the writer? We not only offer one-of-a-kind publication schedules, but also look for active possibilities for our writers. More important publication tips: We' re using the latest technologies to make things easier: we offer you easy ways to produce and share your own professionally produced book in just a few working hours.

See our publishers subscriptions: We have developed a different way of self-publishing by using cost-effective subscription plans that allow writers to retain 100% of their books' licenses.

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