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Time-lapse before your book is published by Amazon. Comparing As a rule, eBooks are launched in 3-4 month for writers and eBooks and in 7-12 month for bookshops. This is a press release on the Morgan James website, about corporate culture, and our Red Carpet event every publisher's year, where each writer has his own unique experience on the red carpet that is about you and your work.

Authors & Artists Launch Self-Publishing Comparison Service

The Writers & Artists team has started a free worldwide self-publishing vendor comparator at Bloomsbury Publishing's part of the Bloomsbury Group, with the increasing appeal and predominance of self-publishing, aims to alleviate the disorder of the many self-produced content delivery systems in a burgeoning world. Once the author has completed an on-line survey, they can search through a selection of vendors that offer related content.

It also features contributions from peers, a sector vocabulary, a FAQ section and in-depth interviewing of self-published writers. While the worship has only been going on for about a whole weeks, Davani said the response was very upbeat.

Amazon: Comparison of the two bookstores

Following the re-launch in March 2012 as Google Plays, Google's advance into the field of online shopping seems to have at last grown together to what the re-launch was initially meant to be: Google Nexus conten. Nexus - especially the Google Nexus 7 Ready (released in July) - places the homepage for Google in front of and in the middle, similar to Amazon's homepage handling of its Kindle Items.

Under the Nexus hyperlink, the contents category is shown, first the song, then the text. The homepage contains five bestsellers "Top Books" and four "Featured Books". On the book page itself there is a roundabout with the latest offers and campaigns, among them (from July 2) the "Deal of the Week" on Patrick O'Brian's book for 3.99 dollars, a " Free Sneak Preview " of Chris Cleave's new novel entitled Golds, and more.

This latter, mentioned in the full-page ad of Gold in the New York Times Book Review of July 1st, consists of a detailed extract from the book, a Cleave-reader' note, a Q&A with Cleave and an essays on paternity. Below the merry-go-round is the key characteristic of Google Play "Books for $3.99 or Less", which refers to a list of 60 titles from John Fowles to Malcolm Gladwell to Emily Griffin.

Same price as Kindle at Amazon. However, Google and Amazon differ in their bestsellers. The three Hunger Games and 50 Shades are at the top of both pages, but the first book on Google's best-seller lists after these games is Seth Grahame Smith's Prejudice and Zombies.

Kindle puts the book in 1,819th place. Further differences are Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (#4 on Kindle, on page four of Google Play's bestsellers) and The Great Gatsby, which benefits from Google Play's $0.99 prize point and is #10 on the site; the Kindle Editions is rated $12.99 and ranks #261.

Contrary to Amazon, Google Plays does not contain book retail league tables - the only clue to how good a book is is its best-selling site. While the remainder of Google Play's Bookstore is similar to Amazon with its referrals, new titles in various product groups and personnel referrals, Google Play's layouts are less congested (and much neater than earlier Google's e-bookstore iterations) - with fewer titles with larger thumbs.

While the former promotes its extensive collection and offers more choice, the latter is more of a curatorial approach that is only geared to the most beloved contemporary titles.

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