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They are authors of comics, including artists who also write or play an important role in the writing process. Twenty-five greatest cartoonists of the last 25 years Cartooning can be awesome, but without the history that supports it, it's just a pile of beautiful images. There are 25 talented people here who have taken the last 25 years of comic strip to the next stage. Whenever you think you've discovered Jason Aaron's way of typing, he switches to a new novel and does something new.

Its work on creative serials such as Scalped and Southern Bastards is profoundly individual; it's no wonder its work gets an option and is developed for television, because it feel like you're already seeing a high-end wire or high-end wire show. Thor' was to be considered one of the greatest epics of all times, and he could also begin the new Star Wars continuum and tell the first three years tales for the flag ship name.

He' s also great with villains: his Joker graphics novel and his Luthor mini-series with Lee Bermejo are great courses for narrating tales from a one-of-a-kind perspective. But Bendis didn't protect Marvel from bankruptcy himself, but he had a damn good game with him. Being the author, part of the introduction to the Ultimate comic line, then on Daredevil, then on an Epic Avengers Run with several wacky crossing event, then X-Men, then Marvel Cosmic... yes, there's not much of today's Marvel Universe that doesn't have Bendis' trademark on it.

In addition, his superb super power, criminal-creator Powers and his work as a counselor in the early MCU stages... yes, Bendis has provided us with some great tales. Probably at the best part of his play, he left Marvel and DC and went to Image to compose thrillers.

No matter if you are looking for a noise quiz epic or a super hero tunner, Brubaker is the best choice for you. urt Busiek is a novelist whom everyone seems to know for something different; maybe you've liked his Avengers tales, like the Avengers Forever, or you're a die-hard enthusiast of Astro City. The Bitch Planet is a subtle subversive feminist book that also acts as an exploitative adventurous - just " googel non-compliant tattoos" if you want to see what kind of influence he's already had.

Meanwhile, her re-invention of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel has taken the characters to new levels, and this one of the characters is performed by Brie Larson in the MCU... well, yes, she did some things. And Warren Ellis has tracked down Marvel and DC protagonists like the X-Men, Thunderbolts, Avengers, Batman and the JLA.

Only then can he get started - be it with license objects like Hellblazer, Moon Knight and Nextwave or his own creative shows like Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Trees, Gravel, FreakAngels and many others - does he really shine. It' really simpler to name 10 great Warren Ellis comic books than two poor ones.

Planetarily alone, with his perfectly deconstructed comic superheroes, would put him on any of this kind of lists. Particularly in conjunction with Steve Dillon, Garth Ennis has demonstrated such skill by producing hard-fought crimes and psychic tales with strong realisticism. Your roster... preacher, punisher, Hellblazer... is already an essential résumé.

Join Hitman with John McCrea, War Stories, The Boys and Darick Robertson with War Stories; if you want a hard-core tale, Ennis is there for you. As Sandman obviously began 25 years ago, it was far into our timeframe for this listing (and with the Sandman: overture prequel show, it's here to stay).

Probably the show's biggest influence on the comic as a whole over the last 25 years has been what has allowed adults, the horror, retrospective comic to survive in the majorstream. Maybe the spin-off episode for death was better than single tales. In 1602 Gaiman had his own Marvel Universe played, and damn it, he even did some big spawn stuff and created a figure in Angela that did something never seen before: the universe changed and became a full-fledged Marvel Game.

House also had her hand on offical comic books for James Bond, Star Wars, Orphan Black and more, and we can't await seeing what she does next. Today, Geoff Johns is chief creative officer and president of DC Entertainment and co-head of DC Films, but his writing experience paved the way for all this multi-media achievement.

John reinvigorated lightning, re-invented Green Lantern and Aquaman and put his mark on Batman, Superman and the Justice League, and that's really just the tip of the iceberg. What a surprise! Yes, in fact everything that Lemire has been writing has been selected for this shortlist and there are some very different cartoons. When we had to choose a first lemire reading for reading, we would suggest Sweet Tooth, a post-apocalypse cartoon about a guy with stag horns and ear, but Bloodshot, Descender, Animal Man... actually the remainder of his work would not be far away.

He is a gifted performer, which even when he doesn't have a dual role will help, as he is able to design his writings to work with his performer, and he probably writes some of the best purely sci-fi on the shelf in the last ten years. Monstress takes imagination and Kaiju to a new level and will really frighten you just before she makes you laugh and then cry.

Whereas Jeph Loeb is now Head of Marvel TV and no longer really writes cartoons, there was a period of about 20 years in which you couldn't walk for two month without listening to another big Loeb album. Both his Batman-Epen Hush and The Long Halloween, which Batman sends through a glove of super villains, were mentioned infinitely in other cartoons and even other media.

Working frequently with Tim Sale has resulted in some of the best tales ever written for each character, from Batman to Superman, from Daredevil to Hulk. Cable Vol. 1 #20, the last edition before the blockbuster of Age of Apocalypse, is one of the best singles editions of ever created by superheroes.

Mike Mignola is the only one on our author roster who is also on the artist roster. He is a virtuoso artist who uses the media cartoon like no other here. It is probably unjust that he can handle both the written and the artistic side in the same way.... You can' t say enough about Strangers in Paradise and his influence on cartoons.

This GLAAD Prize winner show (finally in the process of being developed into a TV show) was Slice-of-Life, but also had some of the most crazy storylines of its age. The Echo narrated a truly contemporary and superheroic narrative that felt like it could take place in a place right next to our own. With Rachel Rising, he's even caught up in the straightforward psychic nightmare that defies the trends of everything you would ever want from a zip fiction and draws elements from the past fantasy and adventurous cartoons into a contemporary one.

The Grant Morrison will perish as a kind of unique maker, thanks to the way he is able to write so complete short histories with personalities that have been around for 60, 70 years, like Grant Morrison short histories. Its long races with New X-Men and Batman help take these people into the 21 st ctury.

The All-Star Superman made the figure both God-fearing and epic, all at once. He' s got a lot of work to do... he makes us crazy, but we like him. While Jimmy Palmiotti has been a comic book protagonist for quite some time, he was really gone when he moved from an experienced inkwell to his own storytelling - mostly with writers like Justin Gray and creativity partner/woman Amanda Conner.

Jimmy and Amanda are known to most supporters right now for their work on Harley Quinn, where they have been leading their story since 2013, taking them on quite a tour and making their cartoon one of the most enduring vendors on this side of Batman. And Jimmy (and his partners) have also done a lot of creative work under their PaperFilms labels, leaving their mark on Jonah Hex and Power Girl and pushing what cartoons can do in a useful way.

Much of what has been said about Ed Brubaker can be said about Rucka - they worked together on Gotham Central, they both largely put Marvel/DC work behind them when they were thoroughly asked to concentrate on the Creator's own work. Rucka also made great creators own work before doing some of his best work with DC, on Wonder Woman, Detective, and 52, or Marvel, with his superb run on Wolverine and Elektra.

Another author for whom you can almost "make" the shortlist, with shows like Secret Six, Birds of Prey, Batgirl and Wonder Woman all having an unquenchable influence on the DC universe. Leave her own creative works such as clean room and megalopolis are her main emphasis, which draws her in very different ways.

All of a sudden this New York schoolteacher wrote one of the best Batman tales ever on the pages of Detective Comics. Then he started a scary cartoon in which the plot was so good that Stephen King decided to take the first sheet with him. Then the New 52 started, and he was essentially blamed not only for Batman, but for the entire line (all the other blogs turned around her and woven her in and out throughout the run).

He' s still writing Batman and has been playing with great Superman tales... and his carrier is just beginning. The Nimona was the perfectly contemporary example of "Do you want to make a comic? Well, do comic books! "Stevenson saw a pit in the comic book universe and she stuffed it, published the show herself on Tumblr before she completed it and collected it as a graphics novel.

Multi-faceted, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchise features shape-shifters, crazy scientist, chevrons - and is narrated from the perspective of the super villain. I feel like I' m looking at an 80' adventurous film and it's an ultimate pleasure. Telgemeier works much more on slice-of-life and auto-biographical comic books than in the realm of genres, and her own collection of books stands out.

No matter whether she's narrating a profoundly narrative about adulthood (winning prizes and chartering on the NY Times bestseller list), or investigating the dead man days from a child's point of vie (even a few years before Pixar), it's quite pointless to save a Telgemeier novel and not end it in one session.

It would be a top suggestion if those who don't enjoy reading a lot of comic books were prodigal supporters, quite simply. There was also a full storyline told, something that fortunately is becoming increasingly scarce in comic books as folks are planning their full stories in ahead. one of the top new releases in the last 25 years that Wilson has put on that roster.

It has a culturally significant figure, as it is the first US Islamic figure to sign a Marvel novel, certainly, but it is also very realistic, very funny and very likeable. Remember, there are many great cartoon authors out there, but this isn't a shortlist of those who have made a big boom since 1992.

In the commentaries let us know which cartoon authors of the last 25 years you have put on your lists?

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