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ssspan class="mw-headline" id="Argentina">Argentinien[edit] Here is a roster of cartoon designers. Even though comic books have different format, this page concentrates mainly on comic books and graphics novelists. But there are also some cartoonists, as well as some of the early pioneers of the arts. Although they may have already posted the lists or now reside in other jurisdictions, the lists are arranged according to the authors' home state.

Dave's Faves: The best comic book authors of all time!

Most of my defining years I had practically no idea of the makers behind the comic. Aside from the casual appearances of St. Stanley the manly in front of the Fantastic Four Carntoons, the cosmos did not depend on the authorhood in my head. Of course, this is anything but real, and when I became acquainted with comic book writing, I noticed how many writers, artistes, letters, ink pens, colourists, writers, editors and more were going into the productions of my really most popular cartoon ever.

Being an enthusiastic librarian, I will always have a passion for comic authors, and many comic writers will always want to study the work because of the author's name. Looking at an author's comic catalogue is a useful sort order and can help you get some of the best comic books ever.

I have listed all my favourite comic authors below, along with the other' s works, in order chronologically. And there are countless more gifted artists, and the rankings of all the works I loved was like tooth extraction, so let me know which artists you want to see on this page in the near term!

Similar to a review of one of the best rocks and rolls groups to put the Beatles in first place, the challenge is to remember my favourite comic author of all times. Moore is also packed with great works of all times and astonishing numbers of light-hearted works showing a passion for the media comic as a whole.

Put quite plainly, Alan Moore is the author who made me think of comic books forever and ever. Every post of any magnitude will help keep CBH going and fill it with new comic books tips and contents. Join CBH on Patreon for special awards, or make a donation here! It' s a lot more difficult for me to choose a second favourite comic author, so I basically go out and vote for the bracket behind Marvel Strip.

While there are all kinds of views on who earns the most recognition among Marvel designers, there is no doubt that Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko have done unbelievable work together. Lee & Kirby comic books require some seriously nostalgically toned eyeglasses to read, but when you wear them, nothing is as funny or cultivated a lifelong affection for comic books as the early Fantastic Four or Amazon Spider-Man.

His work is quite well embodied in my Marvel 1960 sequence of readings, as he wrote almost every book for most of the decade. What a great book! However, Jack Kirby had already collaborated with Joe Simon on Captain America and produced some inspiring space odysseies, among them DC's Fourth World character Darkseid!

He' s the king, and the longer I like comic books, the more I respect the work of Jack Kirby. As Alan Moore made me think about comic books forever, Neil Gaiman's Sandman persuaded me that there would always be comic books worth thinking about. The most intelligent comic book I' ve ever seen, Sandman is the rarest piece of fine arts where craftsmanship meet exponential growth in literature ambitions.

To explain to Sandmann's new readership is almost unfeasible, which usually leads to self-inflicted migraine attacks, while I come across this one truth: It is a nice romantic note to the arts of story telling and fantasy. You can also sponsor CBH on Patreon for special prizes!

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