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After ten years, we return to the major publishing houses. First-ever comic book publisher. The Free Comic Book Day is just around the corner, so all comic fans are looking forward to it! You can visit Diamond Comics Distributors here for regular reports on the market shares of the various publishers: Our love for comics is a lasting one.

Comic Publishers Directory

The Wachowskis established Burlyman EntertainmentUS20039998. ComicsCanada[ 134]1995[135]-9998Publishes sexy homosexuals. The Comic Strip DCUS19349998[Quote required] Established as National Allied Publications. PublishingUK2010 [161]9998Best known for their Dolphin Squad[162] graphics novel and the Eagle nominated[163] Dexter's Half Dozen. He is also a publisher of literature, comic strips and graphical fiction, mainly in science fiction and phantasy music. Brightbound MediaUK20119998Publisher and creator of Mandy the Monsters Hunter[212] and other gruesome games.

Whole Comic StripUS20109998[quote required] Also known as Hound Comics, Inc. and Hound Entertainment Group. Co-exist publishing. Latest BooksUS19441948[Quote required]Ace Magazine Masthead. 1994 [quote required] Probably two independent firms. Publications from 1986 come from Boulder, Co; those from 1994 from Holland, PA. It is still in existance, situated in Malta .So stop tuning at "", Majestic EntertainmentUS19931994[247]Published:

legacy, Majestic and S.T.A.T. Milestone MediaUS19931997[164][quote required] fused with the DC mains. Onward ComicsUS19861992Ultra Klutz Cartoons from the booming monochrome age. Pocket-Watch BooksUS20149998Pocket Watch Books[281] produces photographically illustrative graphical novel with powerful feminine character and plot lines.

Rebelion DevelopmentsUK19919919998[quote required] began in 2000 with the publication of comic books when they were bought in 2000 AD. 481977[321]9998 Formerly WaRP Graphics. Previous masthead Apple Cartoons, also known as Apple Press, became independant.

Final list of submission guidelines for comic publishers for 2018

So, you want to burgle comic books, but you're not sure how and where to ingest them? The latest updates to all comic publishing submissions policies include ten new entries, some substitutions and corrected corrupted shortcuts. With Disney having spent the last ten years purchasing your entire kidhood, the comic business is in a small downswing, and Mark Millar has been selling most of his comic book imperium to Netflix.

I do my daily work in the massive adult entertainment industry - but I've never ceased to be influenced by all of you. In this way, you will know exactly how to send your preferred methods to each of them. I have only attached a brief summary for each of them.

Publishers only included in this listing. I' ve spent 12 month looking through the Diamond Previews catalogues to find out who still publishes in printed and comic bookshops and bookshops. I tried to be as thorough as possible, but it is quite possible that I might have failed to find some publishers. Authors will find it increasingly difficult to enter the comic-business.

However, there is still room for good writers, and many publishers still agree to write contributions. It is more likely for an Editor to interpret your words if they are already on a page sequentially. And, as always, SURVEY before contacting a publishing house. Also you can see my book recommendation lists for the creation of the comic.

I' ve not had a book out since 2009, and I have no connection in the busines. You can find a full listing of comic publishers here. The third biggest comic publishing house in the USA, known for Star Wars, Buffy & Hellboy. Here are links to custom guidelines for authors (both fiction and comics), painters, ink-pens, typists and colourists.

Darkshore still greets your entries, and all entries are still being checked the way they always were. There is only one difference: you cannot return your submission to the originator. Any unasked story/series suggestions must have a complete creativity crew on the boat. DC Entertainment does not at this point agree to the acceptance of any works of unsolicited art or written contributions.

You welcome all humour entries and the best way to know what they are looking for is to take a look at what they are doing now! You will also welcome entries for your strip club (artists-writers or artists-writers crews preferred). Images Comics only publish materials that belong to the author. You do not engage any authors; you are only interested in the publication of genuine contents for which you would keep all copyrights.

Don't present any work that already uses signs - icons or others - because they will be rejected as such. imaking comics releases creator's own or created features and YOU DO NOT PAGE ASSESS. Images will take a small lump sum from the released works, and it is the authors' duty to decide on the distribution of the remainder of the remuneration between their creatives.

Artist: The picture is accepted for ink, pencil, text or colour proof. SUBMIT NO OCCASIONAL submit no occasional type, as your work will not be return. Writer: You will only be accepting suggestions - please do not submit any storyboard, script, note or manuscript - anything other than a suggestion that complies with the following specification will be rejected outright. It' for writers:

Topow unfortunately does not accept unasked authors' screenplays or unrequested submissions at this point in the game. Pencil sketchers or complete artists: Submit 3-6 pages of sequentiel artwork. Show your storytelling skills by using consecutive screens and pages. You may use any Top Customer or other released character. Surveys don't have to be from Top Five-character.

Please submit three to six pages of sequence artwork. You' d have to see the originals for reference, so you should submit them too. Submit 3 to 6 pages of sequent artwork. You would also need Top to see the colored and non-colored pages, so make sure you add them for reference with your color patterns.

We at Marvel constantly develop and create our own concepts and create our own products, and we do not have the means to check or react to unwanted products. Unfortunately, unwanted content that you are sending will not be viewed or passed on. They' re primarily interested in cartoonist who both compose and paint - who in fact create the entire comic book.

You are not interested in patterns or script and outline. You don't couple authors with performers. If you are submitting the work as an attachement, do not post more than 12 pages. You just give them your best work. All entries should be sent in low-resolution PDF format to Please note that we do not react to all entries and do not reread script.

To ensure that your comic is well matched to Drawn & Quarterly's current comic books, please research what we release in anticipation. The Fantagraphics Books (Love & Rockets, Hip Hop Family Tree, Eightball) is a comic book for thoughtful people - those who enjoy their work, have a cleverly devised appreciation of arts and cultures and appreciate their own expressiveness unhindered by the non-critical use of clichés.

FANTAGARICS will always refuse all entries that match the major categories of superheroes, vigilantes, horrors, fantasies and sci-fi (or even mix them in a grizzly way). Attempt to create your own, just as unique voices; authenticity, esthetic sophistication, and graphical narrative art are the marks according to which Intelligent Design will judge whether or not your contribution is ready for public.

FANTAGARICS does not employ any illustrator or artist with authors. You are looking for independent, published works. We kindly ask you to send in at least five pages of finished works of artwork (only high-quality reproduction, please - no originals!). The Iron Circus wants: Graphical Romance Books. Suggestions for previously unreleased graphical fiction ranging from 150 to 500 pages, directed at people aged 12 and over.

Sexy graphical fiction. Suggestions for previously unreleased 150 to 500-page esoteric graphics-fiction. Entries will be part of the Smut Peddler Presents comic line, and these entries will be subject to the Smut Peddler Creators and Contents Rules. Comic books that have not yet been collected in printed form.

Contributions from writers younger than 18 years of Age. Kids' comic books. Submit a summary of the history and 6 to 10 pages of work. NBM currently only accepts contributions from previously released writers, even those with documented track record in webworks. Nor do they accept contributions from writers outside North America, with the exception of adults.

Norobrov is a publishing house, not an illustrating agent. They should have a certain kind of cooperation in view when you send them work (e.g. a storybook or maybe a graphical novel), make sure they agree with something they are doing. You have divided the submission procedure into three different groups.

Categorie 1: Shortform comic - The 17 x 23 series: Cathegory 2: Long format comic books / graphical novels: Entries for graphical novel from 90 pages. For illustrators/authors or illustrator/author-duos, you should provide at least ten pages in the bid to give them a foretaste of the "look and feel" of the work.

The Northwest Press is a small publisher that highlights the best illustrated books and comic books from the German GGBT and focuses on promoting young people. Most of Northwest's publications are graphical and comic books and currently does not accept entries for essays. The entire footage they release has powerful homosexual, bi-sexual or transsexuals.

You can and want to create short comic strips and are active in the search for new and already released works to be released electronically. Now, OnePeace assumes submission. You are looking for work in the following categories: graphics and non-fiction, books for young people, specialist literature and non-fiction for adults, manuals, cookery, handicrafts and translations.

Prospective writers and performers can also apply in other catagories. Thusaring Penguin Press is open to submission of graphical novels or custom, self-contained histories for admission to Meanwhile.... Entries can be made by e-mail or by mail and can be in any format in which you would like to present your work.

If you want to see some comic strips for the recording in Meanwhile....., please fill in the whole history. In the case of graphical books, a pattern of the work of art is initially accepted, together with a summary of the history and an estimate of the length of the history and the proximity to the conclusion of the graphical novel.

The Underwater Welder. They're simple in terms of entries. Simply provide them with a copy of what they should see (or e-mail a link) and enough shipping if you want to return the work. Don't submit images to their e-mail adresses. You cannot tolerate script or plot synopsis if they are not supported by at least 10-20 finished pages (i.e. fully colored and labeled comic pages).

The deadline for submission for the year 2000 is currently open. Artist: Submit monochrome comic book artwork designs inspired by A. D. 2000s. Never ship original documents! Writer: First, if you have never released a screenplay in A.D. 2000, please submit your unique, four-page Future Shock idea.

Once you have proven yourself by creating unique, professionally designed pieces, you will be asked to create longer runs in the near term. The 215 inks currently have open entries for authors and artists looking for a work on a particular subject, as well as full print-ready work.

Now Markosia accepts comic strips for works previously unreleased in the UK. But if you think your comic doesn't match, you will still see all submit. Identifying painters, colourists, and typefaces for a single typeface can be extremely tedious. They will be printing electronic shorthand cartoons, but will concentrate on collective issues and long-form cartoons or graphical fiction.

Marcosia is still looking for authors, painters, colorists and letters for certain work. Writer: They want to see a fully realised screenplay of you. They must be filled in in a legible comic file size. Artist (Pencillers/Inkers): You want to see at least five consecutive pages of work. You can also submit a book in which you have already appeared.

Five pages of consecutive work or any draft concepts you have worked on. Please submit some samples of your labeling using inscription. Entries will be sent by e-mail. Actions Lab needs a full creativity crew (author, artists and colorist). You are publishing fully realised inventive work.

phortfolio review: The action lab is not currently employing any performers. You will check the submitted works of artwork if the chance arises to mate the artist. At the moment only contributions from pencil and colourists are accepted by after-shock. You do not agree to receive stories without artwork If you submit a pitch/idea without artwork, the entry will be cancelled.

8 full pages. Alterná rena only owns publisher and distributor copyrights. A leader, Avatar Press is an independently owned publisher of a large number of comic book titles and is currently looking for new and existing authors in various categories: ARTIST: Always looking for gifted free-lance artist, Avatar Press often has a multitude of works available in a multitude of themes and styles.

You should submit a broad set of examples showing all your skills. It is Benitez Productions looking for some extraordinary artist (pencillers and/or colorists) who can comprehend and paint a certain kind of steamunk music. Please submit artwork - and/or a hyperlink to your on-line collection - together with a short introductory note and descriptions of all previous works to: artwork should be sent as jpg or pdf s in webres (.72 dpi).

This is the formal submission form for budding BOOM! Artist submit Facebook Page is a place for artist to publish examples of their work. The site is for performers only, and ALL unasked entries will not be valid. "I' m the publisher for the Caliber Comics entries. I' d like to point out that 1) we existing (we re-booted with Gary Reed in 2014) - http://www.calibercomics. com/ and 2 ) we are accepting contributions!

We are VERY energetic when it comes to taking on good work. The Caliber comic strips are primarily used for printing monochrome graphics fiction, be it originals or collection. You do NOT make serialised single cartoons (disks) in hard copy, but look at webcomics and deal with picture volumes and novel genres.

When you submit your comic books, Caliber only publishes them in electronic format and in the format of paperbacks...... not as individual print editions. Candidates who are an artiste or author who would like to work for Chapterhouse should submit their portfolios or samples of previously posted work to You are only viewing authors with previously released works.

They are always looking for new, aspiring performers and if your shit is killers, they may consider employing you. Working with Comic' distribution company combiXology, Comic Experience Publishing provides support for new talents to bring their work to a wider audiences. Strip Experience Publishing concentrates on the production of creative works from new talents associated with C.E. and its on-line fellowship, the Creators Workshop.

You are currently offering a digitally published version of your title that is marketed through the global leader in the field of comic books, coming soon. These are the demands on the publisher's programme: Members of Creative Workshop can apply at any point in their career if they meet the above mentioned criterions. COMMITED COMMICS commited commics is always looking for gifted and motivated creatives.

Writer: Don't enter more than a five-page narrative with a clear beginning, center and end. NO five-page extract from a longer narrative. Pens: not less than three (3) pages of a consecutive history and not more than five (5). Ink: like pencil - three ( (3) to five (5) pages and a pin-up / sleeve-item.

There were six (6) consecutive works and two (2) cover/pin-ups. They do not have to have finished 100% of the book, but more than a two-sided structure. Letters: Please submit a request in which you describe your literary expertise and why you would like to work for D.E. Unexpected written tests will not be used.

It' their politics to answer to submissions only if we want to employ the Maker. ARTISTS: Don't enter more than five pages of proof. Just mail me a pencil. Avoid sending dyed, coloured or labeled pages. Don't use your line style to create coloured patterns. Painter: When you enter patterns of fully drawn (traditional or digital ) artworks, remember that Dynamite Entertainment artworks are more likely to be icons hots of individual character recordings than groups of character or storyline items.

A department of Golden Bell Studios, Golden Liberty Comics is looking for creative people with an inherent love for the story. Writer: Architects: Entrust at least five pages of consecutive artwork with at least 20 complete forums. Architects are not allowed to post pin-ups and/or split pages. Architects can create models (frontal, back, and side view of a character's design).

Add at least five pages of consecutive artwork, but there is no limitation in terms of the number of pages per page. Inks should submit the first few pages in pencil for review. Add at least five pages of consecutive artwork, but there is no limitation in terms of the number of pages per page. Colourists should submit the first colored and non-colored pages for review.

Send five pages of sequentially labeled artwork with no limitation on the number of plates per page. You don't couple authors with performers. They mainly search for shorts from 8 to 16 pages, but also produce single pages, longer works and serialise graphical books over several editions.

NONE SNAILMAIL Submissions - all entries must be sent by e-mail. Suggestions for comic book sets must contain at least eight pages of definitive artwork so that they can see what the completed comic pages will look like. Whole comics will only release footage that belongs to the author.

Hound-Only accepts suggestions for brand-new serials or independent graphical books. Writer: Do not submit scripts only. Are you an experienced expert, please submit a sample of your work and you may be able to develop something. Artist: You will receive pencil, ink, font and colour patterns. Artwork patterns are stored and can cause you to be associated with other makers when the opportunity arises.

Please return (at least 2-3 consecutive) fully coloured and labeled pages (preferably in colour). He has published both full-colour and monochrome textbooks. Lion Forge, LLC ("Lion Forge") does not honor your use of any kind of unexpected content, including but not limited to the following: improper suggestions, therapies, concepts, script, works of art or other use. When you have an invention, handling, design or work of art, you can file these material with Lion Forge, but only if you approve and consent to the Lion Forge Submission Guidelines and the Submission Release Agreement.

If you wish to contribute material, please be sure to provide a public portfolio posting address. Entries over 25 Mbytes will not be acceptable and must be submitted by email. You should have at least five (5) pages of your best consecutive narrative skills, not just drawings or pin-ups.

Colourists: Your collection should be line style by several artist and show your skills in a wide range of different genres. At Red 5 Comics we are always open to high value authors' own creations to be published. With you and your staff delivering print-ready pages, Red 5 Comics takes care of your sales, press, marketing and related activities.

A comic book is released and there is a prize break. We are only interested in comics that are in the wild (G, PG or PG-13). Except they specifically ask you to provide them with something - a hard -copy book, a USB stick, a bribe - please email your work to We are in the twenty-first century, and our writers around the globe are sending digital datas.

Don't submit a link instead of your sample, although it's okay to add a link to your sample. Prior to sending anything - conception or history or artwork or inscription or cover - please fill in and submit the RED GIANT SUBMISSION FORM. We do not check unasked storylines, suggestions, ideas, suggestions or script for real estate that they already post or for real estate that is not in the possession of the person/agent they are submit.

DON'T WILL YOU BE SENDING UNSOLICITED CONTRIBUTIONS. BRITERS: Please e-mail us with your literary achievements/experiences and why you would like to contribute to Red Giant Entertainment. ARTISTS: PHENCILERS: If you have graphite pencils, simply mail them from your consecutive pages. Don't post ink, characters or colours when trying to promote your penmanship.

Hand in . jpg of your coloured pens and ink for reference. Use PROFESSIONAL ARWORK to submit us your sample sequentially. The Scar Comics are always looking for inventive tales from gifted authors who want to release their book but have not been taken up by other publishers or cannot afford it.

You are paying for the book's print and distribution. You' re delivering a finished graphical novel. Don't submit superheroes or script without art work, as they only take artists' work. So if you are an editorial journalist who submits an anthology, please submit rehearsals of each history. Sout Comics & Entertainment is active in the search for its own music.

Writer: DO NOT JUST SAMPLE THEM! Performers: YOU ACCOPTURE ink, pencil, text or colour sample. They keep your contributions in the files and can connect you with other authors when these occasions arise. Authors: However, if you have a finished work or have collaborated with an artiste for a creative work and are looking for a distributor, please read Publishing Services.

Performers: All entries should be sent to Publisher services: Comic Stranger Comics is a comic publisher with comprehensive publication and sales support. When you have a finished book or your own work in the works of a creative staff, you will gladly consider your book for publication by Stranger Comics.

Avoid viz-like humour films, satirical jokes from previous works and sexual comic books. FWRITERS: Submit a fully screened narrative of no more than five ready-made comic pages. When you have an example of an already produced or otherwise released work, please be sure to submit it to us as a specimen. ARTIST:

Don't enter more than five pages of consecutive story telling in any kind of style that shows your appreciation of the comic series. If you wish, please forward the work you´ve, which you have already finished or which you have already republished elsewhere as a model. Your policies are quite clear and while you like to learn from new talents, any entries that do not meet the policies (regarding the way rehearsals are sent) will not be taken into account.

All entries are welcomed by Titan Comics, and all entries are checked directly by the editors. You choose to have all entries digital. NEUE PITCHES: The odds of them recording your song are greatly enhanced if you approach us as an author/artist or if you are an artiste who writes your own song.

When you have an artiste on the boat, it is important to see artwork. Similarly, if you already have a colourist and/or landlord as part of your crew, if you see examples of their work and how they will work together as a group. Performers: A FULL EDITION (22-30 pages) of the SEQUENTIAL render (with pencil, ink) artwork by means of photocopying.

Samples of dissertations may be used. When you want to enter your own originals, begin with a one-shot or 3 to 4-part mini-series. Writer: Tales that are limited encourages the dealer to give your new comic a try. Any work you may have done that has been made public.

You are looking for inventive and inventive manifestations, comic books, novels, short stories, short stories, short stories, illustrations, plays, magazines, literature, periodicals, memoirs, theses, collective opinions, commentaries, literature biography, multilingual literature, text books and any kind of creativity you want to work with the rest of the globe. Send example pictures or hypertext link to the work you want to view. eManga can also work with you to spread your work across different plattforms and market places.

You can also send your work to Seven Seas. The Sweatdrop Group is not an employment company, but a group of artist who work under the Sweatdrop name. In his curatorial work, Niki Smith has compiled a short listing of Frahlingen representing graphics fiction and comic books. Each of the agencies on this mailing lists has an interest in graphical books either on their website or their blogs or made a GN sale - no used information unless it was well-offered.

No unrequested novel-length scripts are accepted by Arthur A. Levine Books. You are looking for powerful texts, fine works of art, genuine emotions and thoughts or prospects that you have never seen before, and you like working with novice writers and newcomers. Except for the storybook crap stories (see below), all entries will be checked through Submittable on-line.

When you get the report "There are currently no open tenders", we have achieved our maximum number of requests per month. 3. To make your request, please allow until the first date of the next few months. Because of the large number of entries Groundwood is sorry that we cannot take delivery of uncalled scripts for textbooks.

Its mission is to produce high-quality, character-based literature. You do not post a story with an apparent morality or embassy or genre such as thriller or imagination. No more than one script at a stretch. GRODWOOD Books is looking for a group of professional illustrations who understand the words of some of Canada's best children's authors.

They also need covers for a broad spectrum of literature, from early reader to young adults. It is also possible to attach emails with your own patterns (PDFs, JPEGs, TIFFs). You will also receive your sample by post as indicated below: Each book is one-of-a-kind and they never know what they will need in terms of illustrating styles.

Please e-mail us with your details and a hyperlink to your website or your website account. The Lerner Publishing Group works with many gifted writers and graphic designers to design their works for young people. They' re accepting CVs and sample portfolios from children's book illustrations. You will be accepting CVs and sample portfolios from photographs with child-friendly contents.

Kar-Ben Verlag accepts unasked scripts for Jewish children's literature. Belletristic and picture-book authors: You do not agree to receive unrequested scripts from writers. From time to time we may publish a call for papers that will be posted on your blogs. O'Brien Press is dedicated to new and emerging talents and encourages all emerging writers to submit their texts.

Most of their publications are children's literature, children's literature and non-fiction for adults. You do not republish poems, scholarly works or literature for adults. If your entry is 1000 words or less, you may enter your work in its totality. Doñald A. Wollheim (DAW) Bücher are strongly dedicated to discover and promote new talents and to maintain a sense of belonging to the DAW - something they find all too uncommon in today's global publisher environment.

The DAW receives unasked entries of sci-fi and phantasy stories. Most of the published books never have an approximate length of less than 80,000 words. NONE that are currently being submitted to another publishing house, unless an agreement has been made with a Frahling before. Do not submit any kind of entries electronically.

Please enclose the complete script with a covering note. There is an impartial media that publishes literary and non-fiction works by Stimmen des Gewissens. Manuscripts, along with a covering note and two example sections, with a 46 cent SASE or postal card to answer. Do not submit electronically. Currently, the Sterling Index consists of a wide variety of topics, among them topical issues, nutrition and healthcare, education, popular cultures, references, history, arts and performers, musicians and everything in between.

Swarovski Children's Journals produces both literature and non-fiction, which includes classic articles, illustrated textbooks, novelties, and news-sizes. The FlashKids Impressum section provides worksheets and study maps for pre-primary, primary and secondary schools in important areas such as literacy, mathematics, typing, test prep and much more.

If you have an ideas, please send us a sketch and a section of the book (with or without spaces) as well as samples, if any. Please send in complete scripts for children's literature. There are no electronical (E-Mail) entries. You are looking for authors who have proved themselves in this field and have good connections in the arts and comic strip music.

You are also interested in hearing from authors who are interested in working on any of the licenced works they have already commissioned. Most of Titan's graphical books are either published by foreign publishers or purchased through agencies. You are publishing a steadily increasing number of illustrated books. You perform portfoliosessions at comic congresses where your work can be verified.

You are interested in hearing from authors and performers who are interested in licensing their work. In order to help them better assess your ideas, submit a suggestion of 1000 words (or less), which includes a descriptive detail and highlight of the featured book you see as the primary reader, and a break-down of the book's sections.

Creators, Inc. sells a wide range of advanced comic and panel publishing tools, column and politics cartoon, as well as book and manuscript publishing. Prospective sales for your work include practically every US paper that purchases synthesized materials, as well as other domestic and foreign publication.

Creators will only accept digital entries since 2015. Any printed contributions will be sent back to the originator without being opened, viewed or taken into account in any way. You like to build a rapport with the artist and author they are syndicating - attach some information about yourself to your application (CVs are fine).

Although it has been released before, it is of course a great advice, good typing and cartoon standing on its own, and your footage will be taken into account whether you have a closet full of clips or not. We are always looking forward to new comic book capabilities for a possible symbol index. You check every cartoon or panelling concept you submit with caution.

This is a covering note that briefly describes the character of your comic. 8-1/2? x 11? Paper (you can insert up to 3 or 4 stripes per page). Do not submit by e-mail. "We' re looking for comic book featuring comic book content that appeals to comic book publishers and those whose interest needs to be maintained over the years.

There is no recipe to tell us what comic books will do this, but we are looking for some items that we think will make it work. Secondly, we are studying very thoroughly the literacy of a comedian. A good writer can help poor arts; a poor writer can help better than good writer. It' the first thing that draws the reader to a comic.

Our aim is for our comic strips to be perceived on one page. The Tribune Website will only accept eContent Agency eContent for column, comments, comics, editing comtoons, jigsaw games and other contents, which includes high-profile projects and rich media services. Uclick is always looking for great new comic books and newsletters. In order to send in your edited comic strips or comics/panels for viewing, please make at least 24 comic strips available in a multi-page PDF file with at least two daily newspapers on each page.

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