Comedy Literary Agents

The Comedy Literary Agents

I Would-Have A Stylist, a Comedy Book, a Documentary, a Baker, a Full-Time Volunteer. We' ve got a feature film project, "The World Class City", which is a comedy, a dark comedy. Above Linda opened a new head office in New York City in 1992 and is today one of the few bi-coastal agents. She is a book representative in the fields of literature and commerce, biography/memoir, historical, contemporary/politics, healthcare and aesthetics, visual and dramatic art and economics. Joining Laurie Fox in 1989, she is a associate of the Agence.

She is a alumnus of the University of California at Santa Cruz (Writing and Theatre Arts) and the writer of literature and poems, among them Sexy Hieroglyphics (Chronicle Books); and two books, My My Myister from the Black Lagoon (Starred Publishers Weekly review; San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller) and The Lost Girls as well as The Lost Gal (optional for film), both of which were released by Simon & Schuster.

It promotes literature and literature novels, memoirs/biography, populism, bizarre humour, story telling, historical and contemporary affairs, fine and artistic works, and modern sciences and tech. He has a diverse backgrounds in fine and decorative design, providing the studio with both his literature and theatre skills.

It also featured two of the latest works by best-selling writer (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff) Richard Carlson and beloved writer Jennifer Weiner's Good In Bed and In Her Shoes. Churchill's compilation of his grandfather's readings, Never Give In; celebrated New York Times best-selling writer, Lolly Winston's Good Grief and Happiness Sold Sepately; Rosemary Clooney's Autobiographie, Girl Singer; Jonathan Kirsch's bestseller The Harlot By the Side of the Road and Moses; Cameron West's New York Times bestseller The Case For Mars; Robert Zubrin's classical scientific pound-up The Case For Mars; Daniel H.

Wilson's How to Survive a Robot Uprising, Wired's 2006 Book of the Year ; Elizabeth Brundage's literarische Thriller The Doctor's Wife and Somebody Else's Daughter and Carolyn Cooke's storyline with The Bostons, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year und Los Angeles Times "Best Book of the Year" ; 3 fois BookSense Pick Romancier Tim Farrington, Autor von The Monk Downstairs, a New York Times Notable Book ;

The Devil's Redhead, and The Devil's Redhead, nominated for an Anthony and Barry Award, and his blood of paradise, nomination for the Edgar; the classical parent leader The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian; the internationally acclaimed yogastar Donna Farhi's The Breathing Book and Yoga Mind Body and Soul; and Pamela Keogh's illustrates AudreyStyle and What Would Audrey Do?

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