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Lan Abramson

Its standup is a mixture of precision pun, longer emotional ridiculous wit and bigger conceptional music. By 2014, Chicago Magazine called Ian" Best Experimental Comedian" and included him in a special report as one of the "16 Comedians You Should See This Fall". "In 2015, Ian LA Weekly was the best emerging comedian and a new face for the world-famous Just For Laugh's Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The Onion's permanent collaborator Ian Abramson is also the author and presenter of the buzzed-about Comedy Center 7 Minutes in Purgatory, where entertainers appear in front of a television set in one room while the public is watching in another. He also was a resourceful advisor for Our Fascinating Planet, our youngster' s work with Demetri Martin.

He has been auf. Ian war bei SeeSo's The Comedy Show, Hulu's Comming to the Symphony Music and trat beim Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festivals, Pemberton Music Festivals in Kanada, SXSW und Moontower Comedy Festivals in Austin, New York Comedy Festivals, San Francisco Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festivals in Portland, The Onion/Auf auf. V. Club-Festival in Chicago und The OddballFest.

The company has quickly become one of the nation's fast-growing stand-up comedy companies. An outstanding New Face actor at this year's Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, he was recently voted CMT's Next Big Comic. Getting up is a tightly packed, fast-paced journey through one of the most marvelous comic performances in the canvas.

Born in New York, Carly appeared for the first time at the Gotham Comedy Club and since then has quickly appeared in the comedy community and in the most beloved New York comedies. Next Tom will appear in his own comedy dynamics feature TOM ARNOLD: PAST & PRESENT Imperfecty and will soon start producing his own Viceland policy show, where the first installment already has an order for eight episodes.

A comic, author, performer and all that, Kyle Ayers lives in New York City, about his home town near Kansas City, Missouri. It was a Just For Laugh's New Face comedy in 2015. In addition, he established, designed and operates the announced Underground-Sketch-Acting-Theater-Produktions-Weirdness-Comedy-Show "First Comes Love", in which entertainers and actresses play comic strips of films for adults by emerging filmmakers who were asked about Craiglist.

Ben Bailey began his carreer as a stand-up commedian before taking the helm of the Cash Cab. Only a few short months later he was on stage at The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip and knew immediately that he had found his vocation. Soon afterwards he went back to the East Coast and quickly became the darling of the public in the New York City nightclubs.

Since then he has appeared in nightclubs and theatres around the globe and at all important festival venues, such as Just For Laughs in Montreal and Chicago and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It began on YouTube in 2012, after graduation, with a videoclip entitled "You Know What Piss Me Off?

"and has extended her footage to include DIY' s, blogs, comedy skis and instructional clips. In the netflix semi-autobiographical comedy show Lady Dynamite, Maria Bamford was part of the project by Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) and Pam Brady (South Park). She is also the author and celebrity of Maria Bamford: the unique feature and iconic web show The Maria Bamford Show, which was shown at the Museum of Art and Design.

The first comedian with two half-hour Comedy Central Presents Spezials, she played alongside Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis and Brian Posehn in the Comedy Central show The Comedians of Comedy and Netflix' Comedians of Comedy: The Movie. Rafael speaks in a number of cartoon shows featuring Tom and Friends, BoJack Horseman, Adventure Time, Legend of Korra, Puss in Boots and PBS's Emmy winner Word Girl.

Your new Netflix Old Baby will be launched on Netflix in 2017. Comedian and social media super star Celeste Barber is the self-proclaimed king of daily refinement and low-budgetlifestyles. A comedian in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and around the globe, Arj is an US stand-up comedian who has a large fan base.

Built to amuse, she is currently featured on TvOne's Hollywood Divas, where her comedy brings new life throughout the year. It was also featured on Nickelodeon's chart comedy show NickMom Night Out, Bounce TV' Off The Chain, Starz'Staan Dup! It will continue to travel associations, Colleges and Army bases across the land and has also travelled to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan to amuse troops. a...

A savvy stand-up commedian who titled an episode of John Oliver's New York stand-up show on Comedy Central, starred in stand-up at Nando's Cape Town Comedy Festival in South Africa and is currently working on a pilotship for AMC with Hank Azaria and Jerry Stahl. Greg's second comedy feature "That Guy from That Thing" was published by Image Entertainment in 2009 after its premiere on Comedy Central.

Subsequent shows include "@midnight", "The Trailer Park Boys" and "You're The Worst" and he had his own show on Comedy Central named "The High Court". "Skyscraper, please stand up for Judge Doug's comedy! He is a cartoon and comedy artist living in New York City.

Its comedy Central Half-Hour was published in 2016. Billy Bonnell was borne and raised in Texas and can be seen at Adam Devine's House Party on COMEDY CENTRAL. He began his comedy carreer in San Diego after a ten-year stint in the US Navy. Billy was co-headliner of the world's best comic strips at the Riot Festival in Downtown LA in 2016.

Billy currently works in LA and writes for Comedy Central's online laboratory. YouTube viewers have seen his stand-up video over 500,000 people. A comic, performer and podcast artist, Braunohler has focused his professional life on bringing the absurd into the life of foreigners to improve the game.

He' s got an full-length, half an hour of Comedy Central Special, and his first television comedy show, TRUST ME, was released on Comedy Central in March 2017, a favourite among collegiate viewers and quickly wins a major episode. the recording of his first 1-hour booth Up Special entitled "Chicago, I'm Home..."..the audience is committed and wants more. Beat up and one of Hollywood's new, fresher and more comedy-entertainer.

And then he made up his mind to be a funny man. With his unique genre of comedy reliefs, Benji Brown has taken over stage and ether. Funny, lively and hilariously funny, he is a funny man who is more than just the next well-known name, he creates his own stage. hea Butcher is a Los Angeles-based stand-up cartoonist, performer and author.

Her Coolness Bluollar brand has made her popular with the audience across the country, playing stand-up and performing in shows like The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, @Midnight and Conan. Rhea's first TV show "Take My Wife" was critically acclaimed by Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Vulture, IndieWire and many more.

She was a recurrent actor in the TruTv Serie "Adam Ruins Everything" and is continuing to travel the countryside, most recently on the Back To Back Tours with her woman, Cameron Esposito. She has released her début record "Butcher" and her most recent recording with Cameron Esposito, "Back To Back: She was also one of Variety's Top Ten Comics To Watch 2017 at the Just For Laughs Festivals.

Teresa Caputo was borne and grew up in Hicksville, New York and currently resides there with her husbands Larry and two kids Larry and Victoria. This Stuff Up. Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight from the Other Side (Atria Books, 2013), which made its debut last autumn at number two on the New York Times bestseller listing, and You Can't Make This Stuff Up:

He is a stand-up cartoon performer and executive who has two simultaneous hits: the long-running comedy "The Drew Carey Show", which ran from 1995-2004, and the improvisation and skit show "Whose Line Is It Anyway", for which he was presenter and executive director. Recently, Jordan worked as an author and on-air collaborator for Comedy Central's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

He' s known for his funny comments on various MTV and MTV2 shows. Jordaniens andere TV-Credits umfassen Comedy Central's Broad City, The Colbert Report und Michael and Michael and Michael Have Issues, The Showtime's The Affair and Nurse Jackie, HBO's Girls, NBC's Mercy, ABC's Ugly Betty und Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show.

He was also a frequent contributor to the MTV show, I Just Want My Pants Back and the ESPN comedy show, Mayne Street versus Kenny Mayne, Aubrey Plaza and Ben Schwartz. Living in Brooklyn, New York, Jordan still plays his enlightening and humorous stand-up comedy in various locations across the state.

Sydney Castillo, a Los Angeles-based author, actress and stand-up commedian, is a native of Fort Worth, Texas.

Sydney was head author of the 50 Cent vaudeville show for Best, 50 CENTRAL and author for HOOD ADJACENT (moderated by James Davis) on Comedy Central. Catta-Preta Jade is a comic and actress from Brazil who works in Los Angeles, New York and Brazil. Featuring Pop's New Series Return of The Mac and Trutv's Those Who Can't, Greatest Ever and Comedy Knockdown.

Recently Jade played in the MTV hitseries Ladylike, has been featured on ABC' Manhattan Love Story and is currently on CBS Life in Pieces. She has also performed on MTV's Girl Code, often on Comedy Central's @Midnight and moderates VH1 frequently. Wyatt Cenac, a Grammy nominee stand-up actor, author and production artist, is also an Emmy and WGA award-winning actor.

Nocturnal train with Wyatt Cenac on NBCUniversal's comedy pay-TV SeeSu. Built on the much-loved Brooklyn week-long show, the free flowing show is a mixture of stand-up, musical and other surprising events where anything can come and anything is welcome. Nocturnal Train with Wyatt Cenac catches the astonishing talents and spur of the moment that have made the show an integral part of the New York comedy community over the last three years.

Wyatt's third comedy record Infinite Fighter was out. Wyatt's second lesson, Stand Up Brooklyn in which he also direct, was first performed on Netflix. It was also published as a restricted release on Other Music, which was short-listed for a Grammy for the best comedy record.

Vulture named the TV lesson as one of the "11 Best Standup Specials of 2014" and the AV club commended it as "some of its best, most fun insights". Wyatt's first lesson of Comedy Central's Feature Comedy Person was first performed, which earned him a place on Paste Magazine's "Best Comedians" shortlist.

Huffington Post voted the special's record one of the "Best Comedy Albums of 2011". In the TBS escort comedy episode People of Earth, Wyatt plays alongside Alice Wetterlund and Ana Gasteyer. As Jason introduces shades of live from different angles, visual comedy tales of an appreciation that luck happens outside your comfy area.

Jason has performed at "Laughs" on Fox and has toured Asia on a regular basis, among them Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. To illustrate the wall painting of man's interactions through comedy and to bring man and woman together. Kevin was chosen as one of the new faces at the prestigeous Montreal Comedy Festival 2013.

Every Sunday he plays with Neal Brennan at the Westside Comedy Theatre. The comedy LAURA CLERY is known for her endless flow of virtual video with unconventional personalities like Pamela Pumpkin, IVY and Laura Flirts. Writing and producing comedy short for Russell Simmons' ADD Network, she is now producing for one of her greatest supporters, Kevin Hart and his new LOL Network.

Having been recounted several occasions by his US friends: "Hey, you're really fun and you tell great tales, you should get up," Derek decides to enter the realm of stand-up comedy. Having won several new face competitions in Los Angeles and Los Angeles clubs, Derek quickly became a popular commedian in many of LA's legendary comedy teams.

It is his way of comedy to tell tales that highlight his education in Scotland, mad tales and adventures in America, all told through funny sensations and frenzied comedies. Cofounder of the Grab em by the Mic Comedy tour, Derek can currently be seen in the best comedy nightclubs in LA.

Trae Crowder has gained nationwide recognition (or celebrity, as the case may be) for his "Liberal Redneck" franchise of virtual video over the past six years and has performed his special kind of southeastern mental comedy in the southeast and beyond. He began his stand-up stand-up stand-up stand-up stand-up stand-up in Washington DC, where he found an enthusiastic following.

From On Strength of New York, Illin' in Philly und Takin' it to DC. He is the guest and celebrity of Showtime's Chocolate Sundaes Feature (eOne), which received enthusiastic critics at its debut and continues to be one of the best selling films of the year. Soon thereafter he autographed the new Vacation Creation show, which had its world debut in 2016 and is enjoying a globally expanding public, with the second episode going into full swing this autumn on ABC.

JR De Guzman, a native of the Philippines and a California native, began playing comedy as a musical instructor, which he quickly learnt by giving Taylor Swift lessons to teens. He' s played all over the globe for Stand-Up Tokyo and ROR Comedy in Japan, the Jokers Ball in Indonesia, the Badaboom Comedy Series in Amsterdam, the Edmonton Comedy Festival and innumerable other shows internationally.

JR combines comedy, laughing with song, joke and storytelling about travelling the globe, post-graduate living and families. The winner of the thirteenth annual "Standup NBC 2017". Grab him in the second series of Hulu, Comedy Central's Kevin Hart Presents: JR will be available in the 2018 Netflix for you to see with a quarter-hour bonus.

Luann has just filmed her 10th series of Bravo's successful TV show The Real Housewives of New York with three million viewers a week. Author, comedy stand-up artist and stand-up artist Joe DeRosa has become a favourite in the comedy scene. He is a comedy that mixes brute sincerity and disappointment about the functioning of the planet and has convinced comedy enthusiasts, viewers and viewers all over Germany.

Over the past few years DeRosa has been seen in a recurrent roles on AMC's Better Call Saul, and has appeared on Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer, FX's Louie, HBO's Bored To Death, E's Chelsea Lately, and in the Grand Theft Auto V-videogame. Mat had the honour of being a 2016 New Face at the prestige Montreal Just For Laugh's Comedy Fest, where his appearance resulted in his being chosen for a gala broadcast at the CW on Monday, January 16, presented by Howie Mandel with Russell Peters, Tom Papa, Iliza Shlesinger, J.B. Smoove and others.

He was featured on Demetri Martin's show for Fuse or Die, was the lead author for Fuse TV's uproious, and written and spoke for Jonathan Katz's Explosion Bus show. A gifted Brazilian author and actress, Jon Dore has put his comic skills to good use in many successful TV shows and film.

As well as his stand-up feature for Comedy Central, he starred in the CBS Pilot THE HALF OF IT show, was an unforgettable featured actor in the Emmy Award winner CBS hits HOW I Metal YOUR MOTHER and starred in ABC's HOW TO LIIVE WITH YOUR PARTENTS.

As well as being an actor, Dore has an amazing written CV that contains The Comedy Network's THE JON DORE SHOW, CBC's JUST FOR LAUGHS and HBO's famous Funk AS Hell. The comedian Scout Durwood is a Los Angeles-based comedian currently playing in MTV's MARY + JANE. Previously, she was in Oxygen Botany' s Funkirls, a documentary about the life of six women stand-up compedians.

She' s ist eine von The Huffington Post's "20 Burlesque Star to Know", sowie Funny Not Slutty's "10 Women Who Rock Comedy" et Standup Talk's "Five Awesome Women's Musical Comedy Acts". Celebrating national tours, Jeff Dye is a comic, comedy, comic, show presenter, joker and bigfoot avid. He' s the lead in NBC's new comedy adventures show Better Lat Than Never.

Dean Edwards is one of the most sought-after comedy environments in the world with a vibrant and almost palpable stage-presentation. Dead Edwards, a gifted comedian, has left his marks in the comedy after two highly acclaimed performances on Saturday Night Live. He was always the multi-tasker and found the impetus to do juggling with his SNL careers, his many stand-up performances and several TV-shows.

Clayton English is an Atlanta native stand-up commedian, actress and author from Los Angeles. Last known as the 2015 NBC's LAST KOMIC StANDING Winner, Clayton is currently the headliner of nightclubs, college and festival venues across the state. He has also played for comedy stars such as Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr and was appointed New Face at the Montreal JFL Comedy Festival.

He made his latest stand-up début on Laté Nigh with Pow Powers, is a regular on Love for Netflix and has recently appeared on shows such as BROOKLYN 99 and AP BIO. Included in his current work are THE MASTER, a recurrent part on 30 ROCK as Liz Lemon's agents, SUPERSTORE, EAGLEHEART with Chris Elliott, ANOTHER PERIOD, TRIPTANK, JEFF AND SOME-ALLIENS, AMERICAN DAD and KEY AND PEELE.

He has been nominated Comic to watch by Variety, Nylon Magazine, Comedy Central and the New York Comedy Festival. att Falk is a full-time stand-up commedian, performer and author.

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