Collaborative Story Writing Online

Writing stories together online

On this page it's about writing stories together. Recent blog posts about an online tutorial path depend on your own digital stories. Read classroom writing: grouping and collaboration. The students can write stories, work on stories and read each other's work.

Writing and having a good time together

The Open Book tales are a little more serious! You' ve got no apology for screwing it up because you have the whole story in view from the beginning. We' ve added this kind of story to the site, because although the Closed Book tales are enjoyable, it's also great to be part of a more serious literature Masterpie!

You' ll find a listing of open story on the page's dropdown page, have a look through and see if any pick your interest. To the right you will find a mix of the last finished tales - the different colors and dimensions illustrate the story's appeal.

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