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Extend your ideas by working with these collaboration tools. Use two powerful tools to collaborate when writing projects. I' m testing different software, and so far there's a guy at the top called Draft. A wiki software like Mediawiki can be the tool of choice in this case. Or, you want to use Google Docs for something like a book.

Correspondent collaboration tools

Extend your idea through collaboration. Utilities to help inside. We have a completely different way of making our works known, and much of the PR effort that would once have gone to an offical publisher is now on our backs.

We also have an endless number of utilities, publication plattforms and enhanced overall exposure. We have our own personal responsibility for our own personal achievement, and this is an authoritative part of writing today, which grows with the years and the changing world. A further advantage is the capability for cooperation.

Authors of all kinds, from fiction authors to bloggers to scientific editors, can meet with entire groups in near-realtime. There are six web-based collaborative authoring utilities. Most evident option, Google Drive is the now enhanced cloudservice that was once Google Docs. There are several features: collaborative documents, spreadsheet, uploading folders and files, creating formulas, research utilities, in-doc chats and even plug-ins to suit your needs.

Or you can deploy funky applications to enhance your collaborative functionality. With a utility like IFTTTT you can make all kinds of practical links with the service like Bitmarks or Instagram. That gives you a little more freedom over your contents and protection. In some cases, working together is more about collecting contents than supporting writing and processing.

The MyBlogU is a one-of-a-kind portal that gives you easy and convenient online contact to other professionals in different fields. They can retrieve quotations, ask a question and conduct collaborative interview. Establish contacts with prospective writing associates and hosts. It' a way to build powerful, interesting contents with the joint power of an whole group.

It is one of the latest ways to extend the concept of crowdsourcing, and it is fantastic. The Draft is a very easy collaborative utility focused on source code checking. It also allows you to provide editor releases for archival changes, comparing old and new fonts.

Instead, he stressed how different the writing and editorial processes really are and how the two do not mingle. It' a great tip and a good excuse for drafting for creative authors who are too discerning about their work. Are you working for a business or to create contents as a departmental externalisation projec?

Or, perhaps you lead a writing staff from around the globe and need a way for all of you to stay in touch? The Redbooth is a good instrument for this end, though less so for those looking for imaginative instruments. Everything in a personal cloudy environment that safeguards the interests of your business.

Slightly diverted authors are happy! Penflip is a straightforward collaborative authoring application with a clear and minimalistic platformdesign. Their only other function is a publication tools. The Cyfe is versatile, even for collaborative writing. FistSiteGuide is a great example of crowd-sourced content:

Here is my own essay, which is a collaborative work of some authors I know. It' a great way to broaden your idea, draw on the expertise of many professionals and even refine your writing skills as you adjust to their work. And if you only work with one single editors, an easy-to-use web-based utility can greatly simplify the game.

Changes and real-time communications rationalize the entire workflow and allow you to identify errors early so that the finished work is not negatively affected. Have you got any utilities you think should be on this mailing lists? An Smarty is the online journalist and online journalist who writes about online advertising, searching and ingenuity.

She co-founded, Viral Content Buzz and is Brand and Community Leader at Ninjas Web Sites.

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